Bees, Birds and Mankind – how wireless radiation is destroying the natural world order

The Effects of Wireless Communication Technologies – a report published by the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy

The following report is authored by Dr. Ulrich Warnke, an internationally renowned bioscientist at Saarland University.  His research, for decades, has centered around the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Dr Warnke has a deep understanding of the electromagnetic workings of nature.  In this report, he shows how nature uses much wisdom and sensitivity in employing electric as well as magnetic fields in the creation of life.  As a result of his understanding, he is in a position to convincingly criticize how foolishly and irresponsibly we are acting in interfering with nature’s delicate electromagnetic balance.

According to his findings, we are currently in the process of destroying in less than a few decades what nature took millions of years to create.  The outlook is especially worrisome because the report is not based on hypotheses and probabilities but the work of verifiable and reproducible effect mechanisms.

Responsible citizens and officials need to take note.  Anybody who still relies on downplaying the risk – the most convenient of all being to pretend that there are no ‘known serious risks’ or ‘compelling evidence’ – only signals that short-term economic interests are more important than the future of coming generations.

Dr. Warnke summarizes the findings of his report as follows:

“Today, unprecedented exposure levels and intensities of magnetic, electric, and electromagnetic fields from numerous wireless technologies interfere with the natural information system and functioning of humans, animals, and plants.  The consequences of this development, which have already been predicted by critics for many decades, cannot be ignored anymore.  Bees and other insects vanish; birds avoid certain places and become disorientated at others.  Humans suffer from functional impairments and diseases.  And insofar as the latter are hereditary, they will be passed on to next generations as pre-existing defects”

You can find a printable version of the report here:  Bees, Birds and Mankind.   It is highly recommended reading and we would encourage people to share it widely – especially with individuals in positions of influence.

  1. Thank You for this.
    If possible, I’d like to be in touch with Dr. Elizabeth Evans
    to tell her what we’re doing in Stroud, and ask about Prof.
    Olle Johanssen.
    – Gabriel Millar (founder of Protect the Public Against Microwave Radiation)

  2. I have long been interested, as a scientist, in non-thermal effects of EM radiation, and have more recently discovered my own sensitivity to microwaves. E.g. putting a wifi transmitter on my desk, after a minute, felt so ill I had to turn it off. I will forward Warnke’s document to colleagues. But it will be an uphill battle against huge commercial interests. How could we replace mobile phones? There seems to be no more benign technology available.

    • Thanks, Roger. This looks like it has potential: (aka “Li-Fi”)

      • I remember reading about the potential of Li-fi this time last year in Wired magazine…. looks like it’s come on some way in that time 🙂

        From what I remember, the distance the signals can travel (at least at the moment) is very limited (a few feet or so) so for it to be used as much as microwave signals are currently that is a big issue.

        While I can’t imagine it would be in any way as dangerous as using microwaves to transmit signals, it would be nice to know if it was completely safe.

        We need alternatives like this as I can’t imagine all the screen junkies out there agreeing to give up their gadgets etc even if they did understand the damage they are causing – in the space of a few years many people’s lives have just been completely taken over by this stuff!

  3. Thanks for the link to the Li-Fi article, Stop Smart Meters! In response to Roger Taylor who asked: ‘How could we replace mobile phones?’ the link you posted to the li-fi article was good to read. It seems a promising technology we should all be keeping our eyes on.

    Hadley wrote: ‘In the space of a few years many people’s lives have just been completely taken over by this stuff [wireless gadgets]!’ I’d like to add … and their health compromised, yet they go on cluttering their lives with these noxious gadgets.

    And the gadgets keep coming and people keep buying. Where will it end? I’m not sure I know what it will take to wake people up anymore.

  4. In answer to Roger Taylor phd.. “How do we replace mobile phones”?
    Is it wrong to suggest that maybe we are not supposed to.
    In this report on “Birds, bees and mankind” it mentions somewhere
    that our radio and other devices already – never mind microwave –
    are working by being STRONGER than the very very rich sea of
    frequency coming from the sun and space. So appreciating this lays down a
    marker for SANITY – and we do not hopefully talk any longer of solar storms “disrupting” radio and t.v. etc. – this is back- to-
    front nonsense.
    For people who DO live with this standard of sanity in
    place, there is always telepathy, “e.s.p. etc.. These things have
    been as important sometimes to supposed primitive peoples as
    mobile `phones are to most modern people. I very strongly suspect
    exposure to large levels of man-made EMFs destroy or damage this
    innate ability in all of us.