Channel 5 EXPOSED: The Gadget Show’s RFID + Human Microchipping propaganda

On Monday June 3rd, Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’ aired a disturbing, eight-minute segment featuring the highly-invasive, RFID microchipping agenda, AKA “The Internet of Things”.  The episode not only presented an entirely pro-RFID message featuring numerous menacing applications for the phenomenon, but went as far as nonchalantly stating that “the ultimate goal will be to have RFID chips fitted directly into our bodies“. (@ 06:25 mark below ).

The programme is watched by a young and impressionable demographic during prime TV viewing hours on Channel 5, and features a team of presenters mindlessly competing with each other for the “coolest” technology.  Episodes are repeated on C5+1 and on the Channel 5 website allowing for an almost limitless audience reach.

Yet despite having the ability to influence the opinions and attitudes of millions of people each week, the programmers made no mention of the grave arguments against RFID technology nor of the implications for its widespread introduction.  Suffice to say that no attention was given to how RFID-ready ‘Smart Meters’ in our homes and businesses will allow for microchipped versions of everything (including you it seems) to be tracked at all times.

Zooming out, and considered in context, Channel 5 appears to be singing from a hymn sheet popular among some very big corporate circles.  During a speech about “the next leadership agenda” at the Council of Foreign Relations in 2008, IBM’s CEO & Chairman, Sam Palmisano, said:

“The digital and physical infrastructures of the world are converging. Computational power is being put into things we wouldn’t recognize as computers. Indeed, almost anything—any person, any object, any process or any service, for any organization, large or small—can become digitally aware and networked.” IBM CEO & Chairman, Sam Palmisano [emphasis added]

Is it significant that IBM happens to be the driving force behind the ‘Smart Grid’?  Is it significant that IBM provided funding for human microchipping company PositiveID – creator of the Verichip?  Is it significant that many people are largely in the dark about these apparently separate phenomenon as we witness them being simultaneously implemented?

Where we go from here is up to you.

Update: the clip we embedded below seems to have been memory holed – see the 35:30 mark here if you can bear the adverts)

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.  This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.  Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.  It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” ~ Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda, 1928.  Bernays was known as ‘the father of public relations’ and was responsible for originally coining the term.

  1. The video has been blocked. They were fast on this one!

    • “Blocked in your country on copyright grounds”

      Is that only for us in the UK?

      Can people in USA see it?

      • See helpful comment just above from David King on how to deal with this.

        • Thanks, that worked! And yes, very stupid programme, showing what fun it all is. And if you do something the system doesn’t like, they can just switch off your chip!!!

      • I can see the video and I am using a phone…and am in the states..

    • since at least 2004 there are many victims men and women black white of nonconsensual active verichip RFID implants in london and the UK implanted secretly after general anaesthetic during surgery. remote torture & remote brain moniotring The effects are hideoius being tracked and zapped day in day out.

      Victims are suffering from 24/7 EMF and RF exposure..voice to skull a living hell Media are no legal help to fight this crime.. do expose this as a much as possible. some have commited suicide others are dying of cancer

  2. So, all it proves is, that this chip won’t be just for US citizens then. UK government are planning to chip UK citizens too. Say hello to 1984 folks.

  3. I heard this was coming a few years and I find it utterly repugnant. We are not just moving protoplasm but spiritual beings – it’s so short sighted, but will hurt them most in the end. Silly fools.

    I think the prisioners at Guantanemo Bay may have been some of the guinea-pigs for it… little wonder they’ve been held for so long.

    • ‘they’ have implanted RFID in unwitting citizens during medical surgery.I know many folks this has happened to,and they have medical Xrays to prove it and the government paid doctors in Canada will not help these people get these implants out. You gotta go to private clinic to get it removed..most have no money for that.

  4. This is disgusting. Are we really stupid enought to allow this to happen?

    • Yes we are even more stupid than we thought. Its the only explanation for the current state we’re in.

      • Totally agree! Come on people….wake up, use your vocal cords as nature intended and speak out against government corruption and abuses of elected power.

    • We’ll find out in the next ten years!

      I think people are too aware, more streetwise and too courageous to take this shit on mass though

  5. I always found that programme disturbing in the way the presenters shout and gabble at the viewer and use flashy images as well as presenting useless gadgets designed to become obsolescent within a year or two and to make people lazier. I wouldn’t watch that programme out of choice and only saw it as a boyfriend (who turned out to be a pro transhumanist) was obsessed with it along with guess what ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Futurama’. It doesn’t surprise me that ‘The Gadget Show’ is pro transhumanist as well.

  6. Sadly, children from a very young age are now being conditioned to accept, crave ( and almost idolise ) modern technology, while their brains are plastic and easily manipulated. As a retired physics teacher I do not see education responding to the potential risks, and educating children to think and question things as they used to, especially since the curriculum was hyjacked by government.
    Maybe, common sense will prevail– the sooner the better for us all.

  7. They can already track you every second or so to within about about two metres if you have a GPS enabled smartphone. What more do they want?
    Is it absolute control of your body and thoughts as well?

    • They will never have mine 🙂

  8. All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men (and women)to do nothing.

  9. Futuristic novels, movies and television shows over the years have shown us a microchipped human world. If the human population actually allow ourselves to be microchipped, then we deserve everything coming to us. We seem to have lost the collective will to say ‘No’ to corrupt leadership. The word ‘government’, at least in the West, has come so far from what it was ever intended to be it is ludicrous.

    We are moving towards self-extermination as a race. I doubt even those behind these progressively hideous technologies want to live in the kind of world they’re advocating; but when greed drives you evidently you’re incapable of seeing beyond your nose. And so it becomes a case of the dumb selling ideas to the dumber, because if money is all that drives you, dumb is what you are.

    Microchipping is evidently aimed largely at those raised on technology for whom it is God. As Wendy Harrison wrote, they ‘crave and idolise modern technology’. There appears to be absolutely no critical thinking skills in those brought up on push-button technology that encourages them to not think or do for themselves — both of which are vital to developing the human brain. Aided by a pathetic school system, this has led us to the path we’re on. And because these non-thinkers increasingly make up the majority of the population, they’ll be happy to see this RFID technology pushed on us all.

    The only thing I see changing this is a mass revolution that outs corrupt governments everywhere and take back our power. Are we capable of it?

    • We need somehow to change attitudes, to help people to wake up, but without aggression.
      Fine and noble minds are needed for this.

      • Though I also think that some will only wake up when they have partly travelled down this painful path. Rudolf Steiner said that “to understand the dragon it is necessary to get under its skin first”. We cannot all turn our backs, or turn away (unless we are too ill to survive any other way) – the transformation needs to come from within the technology I think.

        • “to understand the dragon it is necessary to get under its skin first”

          I couldn’t agree with this statement more. And the transformation must come from within & also from “without” the technology. Spirit must always tame the dragon.

          • Thank you Thomas.

            And to transform from ‘without’ I think it is only possible if fine people work from within the world of technology rather than turn away from it.

        • The people are never going to ‘wake up’; they’re not asleep. Stop using that expression.

          The majority of people don’t care, never will care, and never have cared. They are not asleep.

          Look throughout history and you’ll find that the ony people who bother doing anything are small groups of people. It’s gonna and has been a fight between the few at the top and the few a the bottom who see through their deceptions. It’s a fight between two small groups while the majority sit infront of their laptops and TV sets entertaining themselves.

          As for a mass revolution: no, you don’t want that. Overthrowing the governments would lead to the Fall of Nations, which leads to the One World Government. Be careful of people calling for violent revolutions. High-tech Army vs. Lazy, unarmed couch potatoes. Who wins?

          What people have to realize is this is a war of deception. You’ve got to use your mind. This is not a fist fight. And if you’re not careful – if you get trapped, if you follow the wrong people, if you follow A Jones, Makow, or Rense – you’re gonna end up in a corner with nowhere to go.

          Look at Czarist Russia. For all we know, the clues were right in their faces the entire time, but the people couldn’t see them – they couldn’t understand them. That’s what’s going to happen on a wider scale if you look at what’s happenening right now.

          The people who’re really going to suffer at the dumbest ones. But in they inadvertantly affect the rest of us. Even though we’re not getting fooled by them, all of these millions of people are funding the people who will potentially enslave them. And we suffer as a side-effect of their stupidity.

          Be wary of fake truthseekers as well. If they don’t give specific names and actual organizations (not boogeymen like ‘the illuminati’), they’re lying to you.

      • That is the whole point. The very people who should rise up have become numbed and disensitised by the microwaves in which they are immersed continuously.
        On the other hand some people become bad tempered and they could rise up and fight but then they are addicted to the very thing that is making them angry.
        I despear!

        • Don’t despair, or give up hope. Come to the conference tomorrow (if there are places left) where we can become better informed so we can talk to others about it calmly and knowledgeably without getting hot under the collar. My problem has been that I get uptight about it – it’s such an emotive and frustrating subject that I have found it hard to tell people about it calmly, with a cool head, confidence and wisdom. If we get upset we’re not in the best place to open minds – this is the key to our success I think.

  10. Just remember that it was I.B.M. who supplied the means for the Nazi’s to organize the Holocaust.

    • I’d like to know more about this, but is it helpful to look for the enemies? Shouldn’t we aim to put our energy into creative thinking about how we can awaken people and open minds?

      • But I do think it’s necessary to recognise that Evil as a force is just as real as Good, in order to understand it and get the better of it. I hope I’m not alienating any of you by saying this, but it really is the only way.

        • Evil can be cunning and so seductive… so very clever and incredibly sophisticated, but minds that are as pure as lambs and as clever as snakes can recognise and outwit it.

    • Yep, and IBM were funded into being by none other than the Rothschilds, that supposed holy Jewish family that provided the means to torture and kill millions of JEWS.. The also funded the ROckerfellers and a host of other important bloodlines that own everything from T.V to press to the entertainment industry. Using these tools they are programming kids earlier and earlier to accept the RFID chip.. I’ve been calling it for years, phones are produced that can do everyday tasks including payment, then the money system fails (by design), the change will be to use an electronic currency, the best device to use it is a phone, but wait, phones are easily lost and stolen, I know, you can get chipped, the chip has all your current gadgets and also protects you from “Terrorism” which they also cause, support and own.. The whole world is now moving into this era, mark those words, thats exactly how it plays out.. Those of us who arent chipped are moved into FEMA camps and out casted as “terrorists”… All that info is straight from these madmens own words.. Shameful

  11. ‘Revolution’ is not and should not be a synonym for ‘violence’. A revolution simply needs to be strong, calm and sure of what it believes in. And absolutely we should be focused on positive and creative ways of awakening people. One of the simplest positive ways is just saying ‘no’ to technology running your life. If more people gave up their dependency on wireless devices, that in itself sends a message to the technology companies. The wireless revolution began with individuals saying ‘yes’ to wireless, now we need to reverse that and say ‘no’. One person at a time doing that will empower others around them to do the same. I know far too many people who got a mobile because they felt ‘behind the times’ or were embarrassed others thought they couldn’t afford one. It’s this mentality that has always driven societies. We may have come far as a world technology-wise, but we haven’t evolved much as a species in more essential and human ways. Ethically and morally we are ill-equipped to handle this technology we are bombarding ourselves with everyday.

    Anti-wireless campaigners need to start a revolution similar to the one that’s growing against GM foods and Monsanto. There was a worldwide march against this company on 25th May 2013. Over two million marched *peacefully* — and talks of another march is in the works. Because of that march, so many people who had never heard of the evil Monsanto now do. Each march will only grow awareness and that number. For anyone interested, take a look at the frantically growing activity on Facebook about ‘Occupy Monsanto’. I’m not on Facebook myself, but that doesn’t stop me from following what’s going on there. Even Twitter has it’s own ‘March Against Monsanto’ page.

    We need to start something similar with anti-wireless.

    • Re. your last comment. I agree, but it has to be thought out very carefully and focus on the damage to health rather than anti the technology or people will simply turn away. I am not against the technology per se, but against the damage it does – it’s a crucial difference.

      If I had the strength I would try to organise a march and make petitions – I wish someone with energy and insight would start now.

      • I am definitely against smart metres, control and surveillance obviously, I meant I’m not against computers and mobile phones per se but I am against the way they are powered – the harm that does, and their corrupt inbuilt obsolescence.

      • It goes without saying that those of us against wireless are against it because of the REAMS AND REAMS of scientific evidence now available that shows the damage it causes not just humans, but the health of ALL living things and the living plant itself. You appear to miss the point that that was why this website and other likes it was started. BECAUSE OF THE HEALTH DANGERS of wireless.

        Nobody I know is fighting this because they don’t like seeing someone with a wireless device. That makes no sense! In theory, I love the idea of being able to take a Kindle or iPad anywhere with me and read a book. The reality of what I would be exposing myself to with one of these devices, stops me from actually doing so.

        • personally I prefer REAL books! you can keep your non- flipping kindle’s. I would prefer not to be chipped too or smart metered for that meter, oops, matter.

          • Please checkout this blog by kieron perrin. Who is a legit person and who has shown me his documentation and scars and has shared his personal stories with me.


            He has confirmed with that the press know exactly what is going on but a D Notice is in place and has been for a long time.

            It is my belief now that the percentage of alleged EHS people may in fact be targets/individuals that are reacting to the implementation of mass control technology.

          • Dear Thomas,
            Can you explain what a D notice is?


            A “D Notice” is essentially a media black out order for National Security reasons, corporate power interests, economic interests or just plain criminality.

            A D notice was used on the Hillsborough incident, Jimmy Savile and basically anything the state wants to keep secret. Such as covert human experimentation on a broad spectrum.

  12. Don’t worry I haven’t missed the point – I just put it badly 🙂 and was uncomfortable with “anti-wireless” as a slogan for a demonstration. My greatest concern at this stage is the health effects which I am aware of as I experience them myself.

    • No one I know who is against wireless is advocating ‘anti-wireless’ as a standalone slogan. It’s dangerous to take words out of context. Zeroing on one word in everything someone has said or written can twist what they’re saying horribly.

      I know not a soul who is against technology for the sake of it. I’m typing this to you on my computer (obviously!) and couldn’t live without my computer or the Internet. We can have technology and enjoy it without going to the ridiculous extents we’re moving towards. How are smart meters, for instance, making life more convenient for us or giving us a better quality of life? I could see the glimmers of an argument for them if they were improving our life even if only in the tiniest way, but we all know they’re being pushed on us for the sole purpose of allowing the greedy to profit.

      Another example of need versus want: many of us now have wireless Internet in our homes and have convinced ourselves we can’t live without it. Is it really all that difficult running a cable to our PC to access the Internet—something we happily did before wireless? Many of us suddenly seem to think so.

      I myself was thrilled when the wireless mouse first came out and got one, believing it couldn’t be so bad. Now we know the 2.4 GHz frequency they operate on causes great damage to the pathogens in the human body, the same as the 900 MHz frequency of dect phones and other devices.

      Everyone I know, myself included, feels the effects of wireless technology to some degree. (It’s impossible not to when it pollutes the entire planet.) Some of us intuitively recognise it as the source of our health distress while other don’t. A young person born into this sea of microwave radiation is never going to be as healthy as they could be or, more important, know what they’ve been robbed of health-wise, simply because this smog of invisible harm is all their bodies know.

      An excellent documentary to Google and watch is: ‘Resonance – Beings of Frequency’.

      Another is ‘The Health Crisis of Our Times with Dr Dietrich Klinghart who has been studying the effects of microwave ration on humans since this technology has been around.
      According to Kinghardt and others, it’s possible to have mobile phones that operate on a frequency less damaging that those they presently operate on. The technology industry knows this. But since when have they cared about our health as much as making the hugest profit they can off us?

      • Hi Gina,

        Yes I’ve seen the films and thought they were brilliant. I’ve been quoting Dr Klinghardt ever since re. autism and a pregnant woman’s body voltage during sleeping environment, and seen a few jaws drop I can tell you!

        Siemens make a phone for Gigaset with a mode called ECO Plus that switches off the signal except when a call is coming in. I managed to persuade a dear elderly (ish) friend to hardwire her mac and replace her phone with one of these and she feels SO much better for it and we can now have sensible conversations – it was frustrating and tragic watching her garble and slur her words when I knew what the problem was because it took quite a while to get through to her. Luckily I had to visit her house every week for a meeting so I felt justified in pushing for my own sake but otherwise God knows what would have happened. It’s awful to see people being made ill by this, and I see it a lot. I also regularly now see children and parents having tantrums in streets, and teenagers climbing the walls, men with restless legs in waiting rooms, middle-aged and elderly people wandering around looking confused.

        Most frustrating of all is a green campaigner I know who won’t believe it. I am staggered when intelligent, fine people close their eyes to it.

        it’s good to converse with like minds…

        • I was referring to a DECT landline phone, not a mobile btw.

        • Hi Stephanie,

          I too managed to convince a friend to give up her dect phone after watching her mental health deteriorate alarmingly from years of sleeping with it right next to her head. She’s unwilling to give up her mobile however, despite believing the microwaves they emit are harmful. I’ll tell her about the Siemens phone you mentioned. Thanks for that info.

          My friends and I talk a lot about the strange behaviours now common in people — the tantrums, the loudness, the vulgarity, the lack of self-control … the disruptive behaviour in general that seems to be everywhere. I remember when people didn’t conduct their private lives on the street. My teenage years somehow feel as though they were lived on another planet. Yesterday a friend in London told me a disturbing story of two youths ringing her doorbell and what ensued when she answered it. I can’t post it here, it’s too vulgar. Disordered minds everywhere.

          I too am amazed at how many ‘green’ people are sceptical about the dangers of microwave pollution. Why care about what you eat and not give a damn about radiating your brain and body? Perhaps belief would mean having to make changes they’re not willing to make.

          Yes, it’s great talking to people who care about their quality of life and are interested in educating themselves about how we live and its effects on us.

          • Agreed!

            For anyone else whose interested this is the phone – Siemens Gigaset do a range with the same mode, which incidentally needs to be switched ON – the mode is not automatic till it is. And warn her it will still give her problems when she’s using it, but she can sleep easy knowing it’s radio-free when not in use. I have a feeling though that some radiate more than others so she might need to check that out. My friend’s house feels so much FRESHER now – the air is less dry and there are more negative ions in the air, much easier to breathe.

            I read about the phones on the E M Fields site, which mentioned a handful as examples. it’s a good site I think. Hope the link works.


          • well that’ll fix it. siemens are well known players in the eu corruption scandal i.e. lobby for their energy saving lightbulbs and a hard sell for their trains. amazon don’t pay a penny in tax. no need to buy new shit from these criminals. buy a normal phone from a charity shop you fools

  13. I an age where so much of the technology coming out is doing us no good in terms of improving our quality of life or health, it’s wonderful to find a story like this about new technology developed at MIT that could help doctors diagnose and treat people in the future.

  14. CITIZENS OF THE WORLD..this is your calling. The ‘wet dream’ of big pharma, big banking families and their puppet government ‘heads’ are starting to converge. BE ALERT, resist anything that so much as hints at democratic Nazism. Can you imagine Hitler having all this internet/chipping technology? What is being to your ‘marketed’ to you and especially your children in ‘cool, fun, isn’t it smart?’ ways is actually dark, sinister and designed for the few to control the many. So, are you going to sit back and let all this happen? I hope not! Get involved in websites of all kinds, make your voices heard and in doing so become powerful. There are millions of us and very few of ‘them’.

  15. That’s very hopeful Nigel – there are MILLIONS of us and very few of them.

    Though, in the UK especially blindness to the spirit has lead to other blind spots – materialism is the new religion which is ‘trusted’, because it’s physical and ‘real’. Whereas in reality the phenomena behind the physical world is where the creativity lies. With a call for empirical evidence people have been taught to look the other way in a subtle and very cunning misdirection.

    Regarding re-education and opening minds, I think that part of the problem is that the UK especially has have true belief and faith in what is invisible washed from their brains, from childhood. As a society it has become suspicous of religion for example, in a few short years. Most only trust and put their faith in what they can physically see now, so how can they believe in an invisible electromagnetic field?

    How can this be changed?

    For one thing I think we need free-thinking film and programme makers who have independence and integrity behind this.

    • … to make films and programmes that are seen by the mainstream I mean. I know this is already happening to a certain extent but there just aren’t enough. Does anyone who subscribes to this site know any British film makers or have connections with the media?

  16. Regarding the Siemens ECO phone:

    I persuaded a friend to buy one of these instead of a DECT phone.

    When it is being used to make a phone call, I measured a peak reading of 2 volts/ metre [using an Acoustimetre] at a distance of about 2 metres.

    I am very electrosensitive and I could feel the radiation.

    When the phone call ended a couple of minutes later the Acoustimeter reading went back to < 0.02 volts per metre, that is to the normal ambient reading in her lounge.

    The phone does turn off between phone calls.

    • Hello Elaine,

      Did your friend switch the ECO Plus mode on? That is how to ensure it’s not radiating between calls.

      Btw it is a dect phone – or at least it’s labelled as one – but it has this special mode. I don’t know but it’s possible I suppose that the mode has to be switched on separately for each handset.

      I would be very interested to know what radiation was read when the mode was on, and which model your friend uses.

  17. Not able to view censored youtube videos in England? Simply right click on the video, select copy URL, then go to town on your favorite site that downloads youtube videos.

    Such as:

    I tried but it didn’t work.

    I’m currently downloading… 2 minutes to test… Worked, and was a pretty stupid show, glamorizing how bloody ‘great’ the chips are.

  18. The only time this chip will be implanted into my hand or anywhere else in my body will be when my vessel is empty!

  19. Precisely the reason why we do not waste our lives watching mainstream TV. Mainstream TV is simply a state run propaganda machine – just like out of 1984. Brainwashing – people need to wake up to this before it is too late. XFactor, Big Brother, The Voice etc. are all just distractions to keep your mind otherwise occupied

  20. I had a body piercer mate also obsessed with technology. He implanted himself about 6yrs ago. He did his flat so it was linked to his arm, what he could at the time. Also linked his till in his shop & all the staff all got chipped. He was also a big Orwell fan. And asimov. — this is here and readily available and has been for years. – if my mate did it yrs ago for a laugh!!

  21. I am not against microchipping…

    depending on WHERE the chip will be placed on my body and WHO will be monitoring it.

    Sorry to say, i will have no say or control over either of those.

    It isn’t the idea of microchipping i am against, it is who will be in control of it.

  22. The Positive ID Verifies will be linked to SKYNET, well the official name is Titan a supercomputer with the thinking power of a highly intelligent human but the storage capacity to access and use in real time the data storage capacity of 41 MILLION human brains. SKYNET will launch in October 2013 and will be linked to all social networks and databases and have all electronic and all digitized written workavailable to it. It will know almost everything about most people and probably everything about anyone of interest. SKYNET will link in the class 2 human implantable chip as well as be linked to all US and NATO defence systems and probably those of other countries. The chip will be able to track the person and also be able to ‘pacify’ the individual as requested using ever increasing levels of electrical shocks including fatal levels by militarised law enforcement not police. The ultimate plan us that when all humans have been chipped they will all be eliminated by the electrical chips shock capacity for the real rulers to take over Planet Earth.

  23. Thanks Thomas,
    Do you know if this particular D notice on the press is voluntary or not?

    • It was not voluntary from my knowledge. I should add that the psychiatric profession, legal profession etc also know about this but are not allowed to discuss it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the press volunteered not to print the implantation/experimentation of the public…scary stuff. But that makes me question the ethics and morals of our country and humanity in general.

      Also on a personal note, when the government etc is concerned and say that something is “voluntary” I think it usually means it isn’t. Covering their backs legally I think. It’s like the oyster card, at first it is voluntary and “they” say of course that it isn’t part of an agenda to go cashless but a few months down the line posters go up asking people how they would feel about banning cash on buses.

      They tried “voluntary” ID Cards a few years back but of course the british public were too wise and saw through this as a stepping stone process of conditioning the public to accept National ID.

      I do remember in the past actually reading an article here and there on Human Implantation but I havent seen anything since.

      Kieron is now a good friend of mine and he seems very credible to me especially after seeing his documentation myself. Plus his story confirms my own research over the years.

  24. the video is viewable from here in canada…..