Doorstepping fears over plans to change energy sector rules

Doorstepping fears over plans to change energy sector rules by Neil Pooran – STV News – March 29, 2016

….Following the announcement of a UK Government-led scheme to fit smart meters in all homes across England, Scotland and Wales by 2020, CTSI also warned meters could enable energy companies to introduce complicated and expensive contracts.

Mr Playle said the installation of new meters could encourage businesses to sell additional products such as insurance cover or new boilers.

It could also lead to a change in tariffs, he said, adding: “One possible consequence of having smart meters installed is the ability to introduce complicated tariffs that charge consumers more for peak time use.

“It is a concern as this will make switching decisions virtually impossible at a time when consumers are starting to shop around to get best value for money.

“The installation of smart meters is not compulsory and only time will tell if they have the desired impact of encouraging consumers to reduce their energy consumption.”

An Ofgem spokesman said: “Energy companies must treat you fairly when selling energy….