Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our TIme

This is a new video from the team at TakeBackYourPower.net.  Please take the time to listen to Dr Klinghardt’s invaluable insights and warnings.

  1. Hi thanks for caring about the human race keep up the fight! I have been reading a lot about the smart meters and now I think I may already have something like a smart meter as I am having a kitchen refit by my local council and they have sent an electrician to survey my electrics in the house. I told the electrician I did not want a smart meter. He told me everybody has got to have a smart meter by the year 2020 to which I replied well ask me again in 2020. he then laughed at me and said that I already had a smart meter to a certain degree. I have had this meter for at least 10 years so is this possible? I would be grateful if you could let me know. If it is a smart meter is it possible I could have it removed and how? I am printing information out about smart meters and trying to spread the word.
    Once again thank you for caring and sharing your wisdom.

    Susan Ginnelly

  2. Thank you for making this video available to us……… the whole world needs to know.

  3. A powerful video for those still in need of a wake up call.

  4. Dear and precious Dr. Klinghardt and associates,
    Thank-you with all my heart for your honest and caring expose. I believe that you are presenting the truth as regards wireless technology. I hope that many people will benefit from this video. I am sharing it with my friends and family. Thank-you again!

  5. Working with autistic children I am amazed at the links between embryos and EMF exposure, and I just wish all parents could get access to this film…. thank you so much.

  6. This is a brilliant video. So many tips to stay healthy and get a good nights sleep ! This should be viewed by everyone. Thankyou Dr Dietrich.

  7. Dear Dr Klinghardt,

    I had already set my mind on printing all sorts of information to hand out to the public.

    The information that you have given has been the best, and I will use this to inform as many people as I can.

  8. Is there a detailed list of his recommendations anywhere? Would be nice to have it.

  9. Such important information on fundamental health and environment issues. Sad to know that so many people are techno-addicts and will take any new gadget that is thrown out by the corporations. Hence this information has to go out to the wider public as fast and massive as possible.

  10. Thanks – I have just finished reading the book “intelligent cells, by Bruce Lipton, I have always known these thing by intuition.

  11. I suffer daily with obvious reactions to EM Waves. In the UK My Doctor and the NHS does not recognise this sensitivity and can do nothing to help – Unless I need immediate treatment. My reaction in a Hospital waiting room was so bad I now carry a HEALTH Warning in my wallet informing anyone Not to take me into hospital.

    Over the years the reactions and the sensitivity has increased.
    Reactions include:
    Pain and Pressure in the head and ears,
    Mild Pain in my body which can include tingling at the ends of my arms and legs.
    Lacking Energy in General ( as in feel 20 years older )
    Lacking Energy as a result of exposure and drained of energy. Added to which a sensation in the back of my head which acts like a speed limiter in a car. Such that I don’t feel that I can cycle at a decent speed and just progress slowly to cope with this resriction. Think in terms of no faster than twice walking speed.
    This can last depending on exposure for an hour or two – but other times 12 – 18 hours.
    Added to which loosing the ability to concentrate.
    Easily looks like been a bit sleepy – I’ll react with a heavy head ( my hand and wrist pays the price in supporting the full weight of my head on it’s side) … alternatively lye down on the sofa and there was a time when I could close my eyes and listen to ALL of the Tv programme. Now the last 40/45 mins I have no memory of what was said – yet at the top of the hour am capable to change channels for the next programme – i.e I’m Not Asleep. Along with the Pain/Strain sensations that usually occur with such reactions.

    Finding someone that will help me is a difficult task. In making enquiries I’ve even volunteered as a test subject with 100% Corrolation to help PROVE This Effect.

    No luck so far – Can You Help / Suggest people I can contact /Volunteer as a subject (U.K)

    • Hi Darren

      Sorry to hear that. We will email you with some ideas.

  12. Does anybody know if this is a smart meter ? Perhaps neighbours around me have SM , Watch this on you tube ,any comments welcome ,something is making me so ill and I think you will see why in the video.