Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

[Video] British ER physician and PHIRE founder, Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, recently delivered this brilliant synopsis of the harm being done to our children – and all future generations – from our pathological addiction to microwave-emitting, wireless devices.

Wireless baby monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones and ‘smart’ meters  all emit the same kind of highly bio-active frequencies which cause intracellular disarray and stress responses within our bodies leading to innumerable and sometimes serious problems for those being exposed.

There are positive steps we can all take to minimise the risks and damage, but we need to examine just how serious the problem is in order to deal with it appropriately.  Dr Mallery-Blythe provides an excellent foundation for doing this.

Be sure to check it out!

  1. cool stuff…

  2. Hello – A barrister and I are looking into the possibility that wifi in schools might be contravening
    the Children Act 1989 to “ensure the health and safety of children in your care.”
    We need hard evidence – a test case – to bring the legal charge.
    And a doctor to back it up.
    Are You in touch with provable cases of brain tumours in children from wifi radiation?
    Yours with thanks, Gabriel MIllar

    • Hi Gabriel,

      We will email you shortly about this and try to help.