€1bn Irish smart meter project in jeopardy over ‘minimal savings’

THE future of a €1bn project to install electricity and gas smart meters in all homes and most businesses by 2020 could be in doubt after a recent cost-benefit analysis indicated savings, if any, would be minimal.

The report commissioned by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) — which is overseeing the planned rollout of the National Smart Metering Programme to more than 2m households — said the results were “marginally negative”.

It estimated that the project would result in the net loss of €54m in the most likely scenario. However, consultancy firm PwC, which carried out the analysis, said its findings should be interpreted as “broadly neutral” given the overall scale of the project and the significant uncertainty about many of the main cost assumptions.

But the latest results will come as a disappointment to the CER as a similar earlier study was largely positive about the combined benefit of smart…

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      Why does this truthful, proven evidence need ‘moderation’? The truth is out there! Read Paul Brodeur’s book – THE ZAPPING OF AMERICA. ISBN:0-393-06427-1
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      Gillian lyden
      Gillian Lyden

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        We have a Brodeur book listed here, and will check out your recommendation.