EDF Offering Customers Ability to Remove ‘Smart’ Meters

*EDIT – the link below no longer works, so it unfortunately looks like EDF has now changed its mind on this policy.*

We have already shared this good news on our Facebook page but, in case you missed it, energy giant EDF is now telling customers that if they want to get rid of their Smart Meter, they can do so and have it replaced with a standard meter.

In their website’s FAQ section, they ask “What happens if I change energy supplier and or I don’t want a Smart Meter anymore?”.  Their response includes the statement that if customers “do not wish to have a Smart Meter, we [EDF] can replace it with a standard one”.

So if your energy company is acting like classroom thug, lying to you about your rights and insisting that standard meters are “no longer made”, there is at least one provider who will help you exercise your lawful rights of refusal and replacement.

  1. Thank you – this has made my day 🙂

  2. Dear Sirs and Mesdames,
    Many thanks for this latest Number 9 Newsletter of yours. At long last the TRUTH is getting through to these as I allege Criminals in the Microwave Manufacturing Industry and their High Pressure and Wicked Sales Industries. Here in Victoria and in New South Wales in Australia we have had some success in stopping a very few of these Microwave Emitting and Receiving Microwave Radios atop of High masts and towers and tall buildings, but sadly more and more are getting erected. We stopped two from being erected near Kinder Gartens a few months back but it seems to me and many that V.C.A.T, that is the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal are well and truly in the “Back Pocket of Big Business and Industry.” This is so sad.

    I am going to phone them today and see what the ‘Hell’ is going on. This V.C.A.T is paid by the Tax Payers of Victoria so why don’t they represent us the people of Victoria is what I’d like to know. They were even so weak as to let that FILTHY American Establishment up in Tacoma in the Dandenong Hills in Victoria get their own way and set up another of the Mac Donald’s Fried Chicken and God Knows what else greasy slops that passed for food to have their own way against us well over 250,000 sensible objectors who do not want to see out kids and grandkids eating this muck which does not pass for proper food as far as I and over 250,000 of us object to just in the Tacoma region along. The trouble is that many kids get hooked on this Junk food which also has no vegetables in it and makes many kids very fat and unhealthy.

  3. YA HOO!!!!!

  4. I am absolutely delighted I already told my provider I would pull my whole package from them if they came near us with a smart meter and I was assured I did not need to have one and no one has bothered us since. Thanks to your wonderful campaign we won.

  5. We had to have our electricity meter replaced due to its age (25+ years) and SSE were brilliant, completely understood we didn’t want a smart meter, were very knowledgeable, and were able to give us the full technical specifications of the meter they would fit prior to arranging the appointment.

    All went well and we now have a perfectly benign modern digital electricity meter -NOT SMART and this checked with an RF meter following installation! Well done SSE. We had changed suppliers about a year before hand from British Gas because of their bullying tactics regarding smart meters. SSE aren’t fitting smart meters anyway at present because they carried out small trials and weren’t satisfied with the results.

  6. Southern electric is much the same,although it starts “all Homes” it goes on to read.

    if you want to tell us you wish to opt out of having a smart meter fitted, then please use our online form.

    The small print.

    To enable you to get the best energy and money saving benefits from your smart meters we would like to collect meter readings about your energy usage from your smart meter by recording them up to every half hour and downloading this information once per day. We need your permission to collect and use this information in advance of your smart meter installation and we will ask for this permission when you call to make your installation appointment.

    These meters should be opt in not opt out,there is just to much controversy as to them,in terms of health,cost,security.also the benefits grossly over hyped.It also suggests possibly there is cold feet by some as costs are to be passed on to the consumer,when there is little appetite.


  7. This is hardly something to celebrate. ALL pulsed digital technology is genotoxic, period. All high frequency pulsed RF emissions are documented to negatively affect autoimmune functions, period. Pulsed microwave energy causes calcium ion leakage across cell membranes, heat-shock protein activations, behavioral abnormalities, cognitive decline, permanent neurological damage, reduction of sperm count in males, single and double strand breaks in DNA, the list goes on and on. None of this has been a secret for over 60 years. Read the early studies done by the Russian Academy of Sciences, NASA, the Department of the Navy.

    There is nothing controversial or vague about what’s taking place. The United Nations has openly discussed the culling of humanity over and over again since 1948. This is famously detailed within the UN Agenda 21 documents. Various defense organizations have detailed how microwave energy can be weaponised in documents going back to the early 70′s. Same info over and over.

    Smart technology as in “Smart Phones”, “Smart Meters”, “Smart Apps” for video streaming, > all Agenda 21. Even if you manage to be rid of your fire-meter, the planetary carnage will continue.

    Pulsed digital technology is biologically lethal and needs to be BANNED. Get a grip.

  8. Nice to hear some good news for a change!

  9. bah , if only i had the option to switch to a different utility provider , but i tried looking up all kinds of ways to get power in bc canada here and it basically came to either 10,000$ for a solar renovation , or grid power from bc hydro….

    fortunately though im in the process of looking up resources to take legal action again bc hydro to get rid of these radiation emitting surveillance devices and to void any criminal extortion they would try to put on the consumer as a result in the form of ‘legacy meter fees’ or such nonsense……

  10. Hi. How can I get a hardcopy of the bees, birds and mankind paper?