Free Your Data – Keynote Campaign Video…

(Video) As data becomes the the new oil, Smart Meters represent a colossal drilling rig heading straight to the heart of your home and private life.

What do you do in your personal, private space?  How do you spend your time?  How do you behave and what are your habits?

It’s all in your data, and they will own it.  Say no.

For more info on the Free Your Data campaign, see here:

  1. Do the electricity companies do any monitoring already?
    Why don’t they just monitor their distribution transformers (The ones that drop the voltage to domestic level)

    • The energy companies only measure/meter the total number of units of energy used per household via an aggregated reading. With Smart Meters, they will have the capability to monitor and determine how we are behaving at home. See here for more:

      • What’s the point, they can’t generate at the level they are wanting to monitor.
        At best they would be better off just monitoring the distribution transformers that supply the domestic 220v to an area.
        I suspect they will just use them to charge more at peak times, so they won’t have to fire up as many power stations, giving them more profits.

        • Exactly, Steve.

          The data will also be sent through a government gateway (the DCC – run by Capita) and then onto the providers and anyone else with deep pockets and an interest in what we’re doing at home.

          The data generated by smart meters is huge and there are innumerable public and private sector entities queuing up for access to it.

  2. Thanks for this.
    The link for doesn’t appear to be working.

    • Thanks – hopefully now fixed.

  3. great video lol…