Internationally-acclaimed biochemist calls for action against Smart Meters, WiFi in schools & baby monitors

Prof. Martin Pall is the Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University.  He has been studying environmental medicine and chronic illnesses for nearly 15 years and has received eight international honours for his work.

In this short presentation, Prof. Pall lays to rest the misconception that non-ionising radiation needs to cause heating to cause biological damage – by explaining that pathological mechanisms for wireless harm begin with Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel (VGCC) activation at non-thermal levels.  He concludes by calling for Wi-Fi in schools, Smart Meters and wireless baby monitors to be “abolished”.

As Prof. Pall discusses, electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies is especially harmful when pulsed – as is the case with Smart Meters which can emit up to 190,000 pulses of RF-radiation per day from each meter.  The UK’s heavily out-dated public RF exposure thresholds, however, make no allowance for the effects of these extremely bio-active emissions, meaning that if you use wireless devices, your health is at risk from the effects which Prof. Pall describes.

In this second clip, Prof. Pall and health advocate Merry Callahan offer testimony on the health impacts from EMF radiation to the Portland Public School Board.

You can download and read Professor Pall’s paper here:  Microwave Electromagnetic Fields Act by Activating Voltage-Gated Calcium
Channels: Why the Current International Safety Standards Do Not Predict Biological Hazard by Prof Martin L. Pall

  1. Perhaps readers will find this of interest:


    “The phenotypic expression of autism, according to the Triple Hit Hypothesis, is determined by three factors: a developmental time window of vulnerability, genetic susceptibility, and environmental stressors. In utero exposure to thalidomide, valproic acid, and maternal infections are examples of some of the teratogenic agents which increase the risk of developing autism and define a time window of vulnerability. An additional stressor to genetically susceptible individuals during this time window of vulnerability may be prenatal ultrasound. Ultrasound enhances the genesis and differentiation of progenitor cells by activating the nitric oxide(NO) pathway and related neurotrophins. The effects of this pathway activation, however, are determined by the stage of development of the target cells, local concentrations of NO, and the position of nuclei (basal versus apical), causing consequent proliferation at some stages while driving differentiation and migration at others. Ill-timed activation or overactivation of this pathway by ultrasound may extend proliferation, increasing total cell number, and/or may trigger precipitous migration, causing maldistribution of neurons amongst cortical lamina, ganglia, and germinal zones. The rising rates of autism coincident with the increased use of ultrasound in obstetrics and its teratogenic/toxic effects on the CNS demand further research regarding a putative correlation.”

    2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

    Additional reading and analysis:

    Thank you to the above scientists and concerned persons.

  2. Thanks Paul.

  3. I’ve tried a number of times to listen to Prof. Paul and find him too hard to follow. Is there anyone out there who could take his findings and do a recording for everyone. No doubt he is an excellant scientist but not in communications.

    • Agreed…
      Try these: they are trustworthy researchers and also much better communicators

      Leif Salford (blood-brain barrier)

      Henry Lai (DNA breakage and cancer)

      FCC Comment Filing (pdf)
      Henry Lai, PhD and B. Blake Levitt;jsessionid=RdrkTg3ZktsXyJHGvZ1fwHsh7nChDlW7mnnJRvpkvhyw1KC015GG!-448120223!-58662085?id=7520939733
      After reading their qualifications at the beginning, skip to page 6 to begin reading their overview on wireless radiation research and why FCC exposure guidelines are not protecting the public

      Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Website
      by Joel Moskowitz, PhD, School of Public Health at UC Berkeley

      • You could also look for Olle Johannson (not sure about spelling) Magda Havas, Camilla Rees and Barrie Trower on Youtube. I personally find them relatively easy to understand. Others may disagree, but Marne’s list is a good place to start.

    • Frazer, Prof Pall, in one of his interviews, admitted that he does not understand everything he reads in scientific papers – so he concentrates on the bits he does understand. This is the approach I adopt, and I assume that you are taking. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me! In this particular paper/video I understand some of it, I understand other bits conceptually if not in detail, and some of it is ‘Greek to me’. But the message is clear. To his list of technologies I would add cordless phones. Not all cordless phones are equal, but many of them broadcast all the time at alarmingly high signal levels, even when no call is in progress – makes them equal to wifi routers in my book.

  4. I have known the dangers of the non-thermal aspect of pulse-modulated microwave emissions since a phone mast made villagers in Kensworth ill for almost 11 years! Main symptom INSOMNIA due to inhibition of melatonin which puts us to sleep at night. I have warned the local council about smart meters, but as they have ignored me since 2002, I doubt they will listen now! Wy-Fi surrounds us from homes across the road, and I lose my voice occasionally when I’m near a window front of the house. I also have trouble sleeping – but then we have Tetra about 2 miles away – and another mast 1/2 a mile away. athe other one was taken down – and everyone (who hadn’t died of cancer!) had 7 hours sleep the night after it left! We are allowed to refuse smart meters – but what is the use if other people get them? Gillian Lyden

  5. Hello Gillian Lyden: The number of EM sources you mention is quite common in modern urban areas. The symptoms you mention are classic signs of electromagnetic sensitivity. My advice under these conditions would be to invest in effective RF shielding materials for your home. This is much better than risking further deterioration of your health. I’ve done quite allot of research on shielding materials, and many can reduce symptoms and improve health.

    Rather than plug up this page with specifics, I highly recommend Lloyd Burrell’s “ElectricSense” web site for his discussions regarding EM sensitivities. He also has some common recommendations for shielding products to alleviate symptoms.

    You also may wish to read the readers comments on various ElectricSense pages, as many comments offer excellent information based on personal experience. If you are unable to gather enough information for an informed decision, write back to this page with any questions you might have.

    Paul Vonharnish