Motorola working on Digital Tattoos + “Password Pill”

[SSM] Cut through the emotional, appeal-to-health/convenience sales pitch to see where these insidious technologies lead.  The question is: whose pet are you? [/]

Besides releasing in October 2013 the Moto X smartphone, Motorola Mobility’s first handset since it was acquired by Google, the company is working on new methods that would make remembering passwords unnecessary.

Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects Group Chief Regina Dugan disclosed over the weekend at the D11 conference that the tech firm is working on electronic tattoo or implantable chips that would make the human body the tool for identification.

“Authentication is irritating. So irritating that only about half the people do it even though there’s a lot of information about you on your smart phone,” said Ms Dugan, who was a former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency head.

[…] Aside from the electronic tattoo, Motorola is experimenting with a password pill that a person swallows. The person would then transmit a signal to devices outside the body powered by stomach acids.

via Motorola Working on Digital Tattoos, Password Pill – International Business Times.

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  1. I personally don’t like the sound of this, anything wireless sounds like it must be avoided,

  2. I personally would never use something like this. We are all just becoming numbers and followed around by technology that knows our every move already and to me this is just another form of tracking device for humans.