MPs demand police probe as energy giant SSE is fined £10.5m for ‘extensive’ mis-selling of tariffs

[More scumbaggery from Big Energy, with today’s story featuring Scottish and Southern Energy.  In the associated video (which auto-starts when you click the link), the Ofgem rep confirms that not only have SSE lied to customers extensively, but that there are an additional three mis-selling investigations presently on-going with NPower, Scottish Power and E.ON.  Remember that EDF were fined £4.5m last year.  Also remember that these profit-seeking, listed businesses are desperate for you to take their ‘Smart’ Meters, and that you have the lawful right to say “no thanks, mate”.  Don’t fall for their ‘Smart’ Meter shell game.]


MPs today called for the police to probe the mis-selling scandal at energy giant SSE after it was fined a record £10.5 million for misleading customers.

Bosses at the shamed company were also urged to consider quitting over appalling practices exposed by watchdog Ofgem.

The company was today hit with the fine for “prolonged and extensive” mis-selling.

Ofgem said it found “failures at every stage of the sales process” across SSE’s phone, in-store and doorstep selling activities. SSE, formerly known as Scottish and Southern Energy, provided “misleading and unsubstantiated statements” to potential customers about prices and savings that could be made by switching to SSE.

Ian Marlee, managing director for markets at Ofgem, said: “Some people were being told they were going to get savings when actually they were being put on a worse deal.”

New energy minister Michael Fallon said: “I have rarely seen a worse case of consumers being misled so badly. With rising energy prices, and multiple tariffs to contend with, consumers deserve the clearest, fairest and best possible deal.” The energy firm, which has around 10 million domestic customers in the UK, today said it was “very sorry” for the failings.

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  1. So who is going to get the £10.5 million fine? the Treasury I expect? If SSE has 10 million customers who have been ripped off (aren’t we all?) I propose that they each get a rebate of, say, £250,000 each. That sounds like justice to me.

  2. The bit I liked was “MP’s today called for the police to probe the mis selling”would this be the MP’s who were thieving public money through expenses and got let off?