Smart Attack!

smart attack02

“If you are going to tell people the truth, make them laugh – otherwise, they’ll kill you” ~ Orson Wells

Over the last few months, we have been in discussions with a talented team of writers, graphics & voice-over artists and producers on the subject of Smart Meters and they have offered to produce a 3 minute cartoon for us to make the issue go viral.  Their previous work has been seen by well over 1.5 million people, with their last video for achieving half a million hits across the Youtube channels where it is hosted (see below).

The styling of our cartoon – named “Smart Attack!” – will be similar to the GMO-a-Go-Go video (below), and will deliver an engaging, concise and informative message whilst poking fun at the Smart Meter programme’s absurd promises and recklessness.  The GMO-a-Go-Go clip runs for 9 minutes but we are aiming for 3 minutes to make our message even more succinct.  It will also be in full colour.

In order to get the cartoon made, we are asking for your help via this appeal for donations.  There are some modest costs involved in licensing music, etc. and for each minute of video produced, approximately one month’s worth of work is required.  So we want to try to remunerate the team for some of the time they are dedicating to this.

It is worth noting that the UK has set aside an eye-watering £100MN budget just to advertise Smart Meters – so we are truly in a David and Goliath battle here.  If you would like to help us commission our deadly slingshot by making a donation, contributions of £30 or USD50 will make you eligible to have your name (or that of your own campaign) listed as an Associate Producer.  For donations of £60 or USD100, your chosen name will appear as Executive Producer.

This is a great opportunity to get this issue and your own campaigns a lot more exposure.  We are looking to get the script finished by the end of Feb and recording the voice-over before the end of March. The Animation will be made around the voice track.

We need to use all the chances we can get to raise awareness about this issue, and we believe the end product of this idea will be fantastic.  If you want to be part of it, please use the link below.


  1. cartoon was pretty good , would like to see one for smart meters and geoengineering too…..

  2. Great idea! I’ve watched some of Infomatic Films’ shorts and the tongue-in-cheek humour works well to tell a serious story.

    Make sure that the animators use a non-ionising radiation symbol and not an ionising one, as in the image above.

  3. Please consider making one of these about Smart Meters.

    • Hi Doreen – you’re in luck – please re-read the above post!

    that are constantly killing off our honest folk’s who have already installed them by setting their Houses on Fire with their consistently over loading the Systems and now I read about How these So Called smart meters are now more than doubling the Prices of each Unit used, No Thank you, I will NEVER Have one of these Killing machines in my House, NEVER. 🙁

  5. You need Spanish Subtitles ! Argentina needs to see this !!!! Thanks!

    • We might do a Spanish language version if we can get enough support.