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Who’s preying on your personal information?

Ladies and gentlemen,

An IP trace shows that the submission originated from a Fujitsu desktop or server in Leicester.

Our website, for better or worse, logs the IP address of anyone serving Notices of Non-Consent for Smart Meter Installation/Notices of Liability through our website.  A sad fact about the internet, as Google’s Eric Schmidt reminds us, is that “the computers never forget”.

So we ran a reverse IP trace on the BG submission – recorded in our logs as – at and it listed the static IP owner as one Fujitsu Services Ltd, in location: Leicester.

A short walk across the Internet shows us that Fujitsu Services – a large IT services provider – happens to look after Desktop PCs for one “British Gas”, following a five year deal in 2011.

The Fujitsu contract with Centrica involves delivering services to 25,000 desktops. Centrica is the parent company of British Gas.

And British Gas, current front-runner in the roll-out of Smart Meters in the UK, has a dedicated Smart Metering unit based in… Leicester.  An announcement about its Leicester-based “Energy Academy” made the news in 2009.

The British Gas Smart Meter centre in Leicester was opened in 2009.

How about that.  Whilst we cannot say for sure, at this point, who it was within the BG Smart Metering team that made the submission, or indeed whether it was possibly a Fujitsu staffer, the latter does seem unlikely.  Especially when you consider the words of Fujitsu’s Business Development Director for Smart Metering and Smart Technologies who argues that it is possible to “turn the meter reading problem into a world leading opportunity”.  (Because, after all, getting spyware into every home truly IS a world-class business opportunity.  If the world thinks you can be trusted, that is.)

So is this the beginning of a massive Smart Meter mutiny?  Let’s hope so.


Most people are still in the dark about the realities of the Smart Meter programme.  Please help us change that by spreading this story far and wide.

  1. Nice detective work, but you’d think they’d have been cleverer about it

    • Well thanks Jodie, but we’re far from experts in this – imagine what organisations and people trained in this could do, and then throw in access to national data from cancer-causing spymeters.

    • Dear Jodie,

      The one thing we all learn, when we step out toes into the water, is that THE VERY LAST THING ‘They’ ever are … is ‘clever’.

      In fact, if ‘They’ were ‘clever’, ‘They’ would NOT be doing whatever it is ‘They’ ARE doing.

      ‘They’ = any Organisation you care to choose … from Parliament downwards.

      What ‘They’ ARE doing = ALWAYS TRYING to make themselves LOOK ‘clever’ (but never succeeding, if one ‘looks behind the curtain’)

  2. well done! shared

  3. I have long been waiting for the moment when we see employees at power companies begin (publicly) logging their objections to smart meters. I hope this is the case here. If it is, then one can only hope this is the start of a LARGE coming out from British Gas employees, for I think coming out from those within the energy industry is the moment the dangers of smart meters will move towards mainstream consciousness.

  4. I agree. Most employees involved with microwave radiation wait until they retire or leave their job before voicing their concerns, but this could be the start of workers in the Industry finally realising that this issue will affect all our children and any damage is irreversible.

    The roll-out of smart water meters begins in Ireland soon. They will operate with transponders for remote viewing, powered by microwaves. Denis O’Brien, a media and mobile phone mogul, has won the contract for Bord Gais ( Irish Gas Board).

    In a story run by the ‘Sunday Independent’ 3 weeks ago, journalist Claire Byrne describes a ‘mobilephonegate’ tape which reveals a sum of 250k euro was given to Irish MP Michael Lowry by Denis O’Brien. Michael Lowry was Minister responsible for awarding the second mobile phone licence at the time, which he gave to Denis O’Brien. To hear the tape google ‘Vincent Browne TV3 Michael Lowry tape’.

    There are thousands of people in Ireland, as in the UK and globally, who are seriously ill with microwave sickness caused by involuntary pollution of their homes with microwave radiation. These people, and I am one of them, cannot use mobile phones or any gadgets using microwaves because of the serious adverse health effects. These water smart meters will add yet another layer of radiation to our homes which will prove fatal in manny cases.

    Hiding the truth, keeping the public uninformed, is deeply corrupt. That our children’s health is being irreversibly damaged is barbaric. Here’s hoping that awareness is finally coming through.