The Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Human Health – Camilla Rees

This excellent presentation by Camilla Rees, founder of, was delivered as her keynote address for the Healthy Bodies Healthy Buildings Conference 2012.  It offers a clear, understandable synopsis of some of the science behind health damage from electromagnetic radiation (assiduously backed-up with graphical references) and offers solutions for creating safe havens in a toxic, electromagnetically irradiated world.


  1. Amen.

  2. A comprehensive,deeply concerning talk.20 years of mobile phone technology ,yet ,as Camilla cites, over 50 years knowledge of harmful effects of EMF. Many countries waking up, but is this lip service? What practical measures can they actually take? If UK are supposed to be dissuading chns use of mobiles, why do we get a Tesco Advert on TV persuading kids they need one?
    My feeling is that at grass roots we have to keep lobbying in our communities against mobile masts, if our schools require wi fi to make demands on its usage/ safety, and some how push home the health risks to our kids without scaring them. Not easy but all part of the bigger push against this horrifying lack of care for all on this planet by the corporate elite.

  3. We need a good video presentation of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation maximum length 30 minutes. Many people will not watch for 90 minutes.

  4. @Robert Theobald – I am a member of Sedona Smart Meter Awareness. We have found that the three minute trailer for “Take Back Your Power” is a very effective and efficient method for informing the public because it briefly covers all of the issues associated with ‘smart’ meters. After showing that we take questions from the audience and people stay engaged and interested. Here’s the trailer url that we use

  5. Profits before er anything, business-as-usual.