Two new reports highlight significant Smart Meter risks from EMP & RF/microwave radiation

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Dr. Isaac Jamieson has authored two significant reports on risk awareness, both of which are directly related to liability created by so-named “smart” meters and “smart” grid technologies.  The abridged reports are linked below.

RF / Microwave Radiation Risk Awareness (pdf)The report “RF / Microwave Radiation Risk Awareness” includes comparisons of safety levels between nations, specific research and progress toward science-based safety levels, and strategies for managing risk intelligently and creating a truly sustainable future.  Of particular interest are the findings DR Jamieson lists on page 7, in relation to studies conducted in China.

View or download: RF / Microwave Radiation Risk Awareness (pdf) by Dr. Isaac Jamieson (2014)

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Risk Awareness (pdf)The report “Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Risk Awareness” includes how both natural and man-made EMP threats could realistically impact communications and social infrastructure, including “smart” grid systems.  Many “smart” meters are surprisingly and irresponsibly designed with a “fail-to-off” feature, which means that if and when they fail they disable energy and utility supplies.

View or download: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Risk Awareness (pdf) by Dr. Isaac Jamieson (2014)

About the author:

Dr. Isaac Jamieson, PhD DIC RIBA ARB DipAAS BSc(Hons)Arch MInstP, is a scientist, architect and environmental consultant. In addition to his work with Biosustainable Design, he is presently a Committee Member of the Institute of Physics’ Electrostatics Group (for which he was also Hon. Secretary & Treasurer for 3 years), a Corresponding Member of the RIBA Regulations and Standards Group and an Expert Group Member at the European Commission. For his full bio and contact information, visit

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  1. I KNOW that smart meters will be extremely dangerous, because Wi-Fi will be one of the main aspects of the meters! Wi-Fi was the worst aspect of the non-thermal pulse-modulated aspect of microwaves (Wi-max is worse – and there are probably more now!) and Wi-Fi WILL damage many people severely. Electro-hypersensitive people will feel the effects – suffering nausea, dizziness, headaches – and heart problems in particular! I suffered severe palpitations in bed next to an office with Wi-Fi permanently active – and had to sleep in a sofa down-stairs instead! I know when Wi-Fi is close to me, because I get sudden twinges of pain in my heart area – I insisted that Wi-Fi was turned off when I realised that it was on our new computer – but it still gets me occasionally, because it comes from across the road,where several homes have Wi-Fi! I went to a home opposite where there are young children, to warn the parents. Wi-fi was so strong I could not stay at the party they were enjoying, because I felt so ILL! Goodness knows how the children will be affected! Gillian Lyden