UK introduces obligatory Smart Metering via backdoor

  • New licensing conditions for Suppliers means “No Backwards Step” once Smart Meters installed
  • Conditions will prohibit suppliers from replacing Smart Meters with safer, more secure analogue meters, e.g. when a customer has moved house
  • Government has now reneged on repeated commitments that Smart Meters would be “voluntary”
  • Customers may be left with no choice but to use provisions of existing Gas & Electricity Acts to outmanoeuvre stealth restriction on free choice

LONDON, ENGLAND (23 May, 2013)   Early last week, Edward Davey’s Parliamentary Undersecretary, Baroness Verma, made an announcement in the House of Lords that the UK’s Smart Meter programme would be delayed by at least “one year”.  The announcement gained much attention and media exposure across the UK, but a crucial component of her announcement was seemingly omitted from all popular reports and commentary.

According to the recordings of the Baroness’s statement in Hansard (the official report of the proceedings in parliament), she revealed a second major shift in Government policy regarding Smart Meters which went unnoticed as admissions regarding delays overtook the media glare.

In a stunning and outrageous Government u-turn, Ministers have decided that from the end of this year, UK energy suppliers will be BLOCKED from fulfilling customer wishes to replace a pre-existing Smart Meter with a more safe and secure analogue alternative.  This change will be enforced through modifications to supplier licensing conditions on 14 July 2013, meaning that from the end of the year, if an energy customer moves house and finds one or more Smart Meters in situ, their supplier will not be allowed to offer analogue replacements.

From Hansard, 13 May 2013, Baroness Verma:

“We have decided that from the end of this year, when a customer switches from a supplier who has provided them with a compliant smart meter, the new supplier cannot replace that smart meter with a dumb meter and must either rent the previous supplier’s meter or install their own new smart meter… We are also proposing for consultation that, when a customer with a compliant smart meter switches supplier, the new supplier must continue to provide remote meter readings.

If you are left wondering why this generous concession has been made for Big Energy’s Smart Metering programme at your expense, the Baroness – drawing on a newly published Consultation Response document – added the following:

This will give greater confidence to early movers over their investments… this package of proposals will give consumers and industry the confidence they need for a successful rollout.  Subject to the successful completion of the parliamentary process, the licence conditions will come into force on 14 July 2013.”

This breach of public trust not only reflects a cowardly u-turn on commitments that the Government has made repeatedly that Smart Meters will be ‘voluntary’, but sends a clear message to consumers that free-choice is not compatible with the UK’s Orwellian energy policy.  It also serves to reveal the long-term, ‘war of attrition’-style intentions for Smart Metering and exposes the lie that Smart Metering is primarily aimed at serving consumers.

What’s more is that these new rules for suppliers lay the foundation for ‘ripping-and-replacing’ Smart Meters when changing suppliers – as there will be an obligation on suppliers to either “pay rent” to a competitor or take the decision to rip-and-replace the meter with their own.  In this light, it becomes impossible to resolve the contention that this programme will serve as a means of reducing energy and makes a mockery of Smart Meters making it “easier” to switch suppliers.

What may be of some interest, however, is how two pre-existing pieces of UK legislation might impact on DECC’s attempt to curtail freedom of metering choice.

In 1986 and then in 1989, the UK’s Gas and Electricity Acts were respectively brought into being.  Amongst other provisions, these Acts enshrined into law the right for individuals to have their own gas and electricity meters installed on their property.

To explain specifically in relation to electricity, for example, Schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989,ss.1(2) &(2A) outlines the following:

[(2) If the [authorised supplier] agrees, the meter may be provided by the customer [(who may provide a meter which belongs to him or is made available otherwise than in pursuance of arrangements made by the supplier)]; but otherwise it shall be provided by the [authorised supplier] [(who may provide a meter which belongs to him or to any person other than the customer)].
(2A) [An authorised supplier] may refuse to allow one of his customers to provide a meter only if there are reasonable grounds for his refusal.] [You can check the UK Association of Meter Operator’s website for more information.]

Our interpretation of this provision is that, so long as one’s own choice of non-smart/analogue meter complies with regulations and the supplier has no reasonable grounds for saying otherwise, any in situ Smart Meters can be sent back to the supplier.  The only reasonable grounds for the supplier refusing this request that we can envisage would be if the meter is not compliant with safety or accuracy regulation.  The issue of whether your own meter is “smart” or not seems irrelevant, and would certainly appear to have nothing to do with the Government’s “No Backward Step” policy nor its supplier-oriented licensing changes.

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  1. This means that those foolish enough to install a ‘smart’ meter in their homes have at one stroke reduced the value of their property on the open house market. Potential buyers will go elsewhere if it’s illegal to make the property safe again.

    • Exactly!!! House prices will plummet – I’ve said this all along. People will need court orders to remove them, and I won’t be able to live or work anywhere that has a smart metre.

      Sometimes I cannot believe how unbelievably stupid and short sighted this all is. It’s surreal.

      • If only it was stupidity. However, this, along with so many other attacks on us (chemtrails being just one example), is completely by design.

    • It may appear to be “illegal” to make one’s property safe. But it is also illegal to render a private property dangerous and uninsurable while slowly demolishing it. And that is precisely what is happening. Worse still, those responsible KNOW this is happening. So what do they do? A huge coverup. Plain and simple: Unless your home has no wiring, no nails, no screws, no hinges, no locks, no metal beams, no firewall separations and requires no tolerance limits for vibration, every smart meter including those all around you are rapidly rendering your home structurally unsound, unsafe and ultimately uninhabitable. Since this is what is happening to solid structural materials and all wiring and electrical panels of all electrical systems, just imagine what it is doing to our own biological structures, our bodies, and to our own bio-electrical wiring, our brains, nervous systems and muscles.
      Non compliance with electrical code is a serious violation. Rapidly accelerated emf induced corrosion of all metal components is no different than a slow motion EMP. Microwave frequency induced rapid vibration, literally billions of times a second, loosens all structural contacts, including firewall separations. And that’s illegal. International safety code violation is illegal. These frequencies as applied are illegal.


      Pulses rather than precipitation are increasingly being identified as the principle culprits behind a sudden & significant increase in corrosion problems in recent decades – “parallel to the spread & implementation of wireless technologies,” observes Canadian EMF expert, Dr. Andrew Michrowski, PhD. [Hese Project]
      “Corrosion is a high-stakes issue worldwide, & Europe is no exception, with most EU countries spending 3 to 4 percent of their GDP on corrosion control & remediation,” reports Globally up to 30% of the annual production of iron is irreversibly lost to corrosion from all causes every year. Corrosion also “accounts for 90% of failures in oil-field pipes.” In 2008 the Federation of Canadian Municipalities made an emergency request to the federal government for an extra $123 billion within 5 years to prevent buildings from collapsing in cities across Canada due to an unanticipated acceleration in corrosion. Dr. Michrowski & other experts are noticing that all electric power grids are being hit by the burgeoning use of wireless systems, radiofrequencies & microwaves that piggyback on the electrical distribution’s system’s “ground”. “The ground in many populated areas now carries charges that are highly electronic with radiofrequency & microwave characteristics. This new phenomenon accelerates corrosion of materials – whether pipelines, rebar in buildings & transportation infrastructure or even nuclear power plant reactor rods – by quantum leaps,” Dr. Michrowski explains. This deterioration is occurring because cyclic pulsing at millions of times-per-second (or more) rapidly fatigues metal at the molecular level. Home wiring, nails & other metal fasteners, as well as electrical equipment, fuse boxes & metallic siding & framing are literally being rotted by invisible wireless harmonics that are now being found to violate building & electrical codes across North America. Instead of being addressed, wireless pitting of metal is about to be ramped up worldwide with the introduction of continuously pulsing smart meter & Radio Frequency ID (RFID) reporting grids operating at ever-rising frequencies. Buildings, bridges & pipelines are also facing early failure and collapse unanticipated by the engineers who designed them. Nuclear power stations are especially vulnerable because nuclear radiation is already known to rot concrete, rebar, valves, pipes, tubing – even critical zirconium cladding around fuel rods. Acids, stress & water are other causes of nuke plant corrosion that may interact synergistically with nuclear & electromagnetic radiation to speed component failure.Experts like Dr. Michrowski fear that electromagnetic radiation is further shortening the already drastically reduced life-spans of nuclear power plants – many of which in the USA are currently being re-licensed for greatly increased power output beyond their designed life. Bolstering their alarm are findings from a A court hearing in Granby, PQ, took place September 19-23, 2011. As an expert witness, Dr. Andrew Michrowski of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) was there from Monday to Thursday, & the final legal statements were made Friday. Under cross-examination, Hydro Québec representatives admitted that they had measuring equipment of the highest sensitivity, they had never reported their findings. Hydro Quebec’s measurements showed not only harmonics content, but also other emissions into the radio frequency range along the transmission line. Dr. Michrowski writes: “In that urban-development district, some sewer tops (manhole covers) were rapidly rusting – or, more accurately, “shrinking” – in a strange non-rust-like colour. Instead of the familiar reddish-brown of oxidized iron, the surface was turning yellow (with spots), then orange. “I was able to obtain the power density data. At the wireless technology bandwidth the phenomenon became pronounced: in a few months the equivalent of 1 to 2 decades of traditional rust-corrosion was occurring. “Then, as a presenter at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) international meeting in Ottawa, I attended a series of thesis presentations by several teams of University of Waterloo students who were reporting a new type of corrosion. Their observations were taken at the Chalk River nuclear reactor (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, the world’s largest research reactor & one of the first to be built). It had been in good maintenance for decades – until recently. “Their data revealed a linearly frequency-dependent, electron-stripping process that is so accelerated that there is no time available for oxidation (normal, red-brown rusting) to occur. This new corrosion phenomenon follows a fractal geometry pattern (branching out after each penetration-stripping), rather than progressing layer by layer. “This new branching degenerative phenomenon is designated ‘Pit Corrosion’. “Even without the use of sophisticated meters, you can now observe across the landscape –where there is significant presence of background microwave emissions – reinforced concrete sidewalks, bridges, & building foundations being ‘eaten away’. Weakened window frames, popping panes & so on, are occurring.”Adding to the overload are more wireless gadgets: so-called SMART meters… “Meanwhile Canadian municipalities express alarm, getting up-in-arms over the extraordinary new
      maintenance expenditures – many billions of dollars (trillions for their US colleagues) – which they face trying to maintain the provision of essential services. The infrastructure is corroding away thousands of times faster than planners expected their amortization plans to cover.” [Hese Project]

  2. I will not allow a smart meter in my own property and would not consider purchasing a property with 1, 2, or even 3 smart meters installed.

    Peolple need to start requesting this information when viewing houses (to buy or rent) so that estate agents get the message and it filters down to house sellers, landlords and the general public.

  3. Is Stop Smart Meters, as an organisation, in a position to run a major Petition (Avaaz or 38 Degrees style) on this one and get it media coverage? I’m sure your supporters would chip in financially to help with this. Government needs to realise that the public have a right to be informed and a right to decline being bullied by corporate interests

    • Hi Liz, we are considering it, but the major problem we have right now is lack of awareness. Because such a poor job has (intentionally?) been done to raise awareness about the facts about Smart Meters in the minds of consumers, most people still have no idea about them and even less understand their risks. So the question we ask is how fruitful a petition would be.
      In the meantime, we know several people have written to their MPs off the back of this. We would certainly encourage that, for what it’s worth.
      Thanks for your comment.

      • Can I ask if your org is pursuing common law refusal? Silence and reactive response to the utilities, as well as signing a public petition are a way of signing away your right to refuse and replacing this with all forms of public statue consent to be metered.
        Under common law, which is the basis of all English law, one first needs to revoke any form of implied or real consent by correctly claiming – or in many cases reclaiming – one’s right to refuse. I refer to Claim of Right. It has worked without any come back from the utility for over 40,000 in BC Canada.
        What remains a mystery is the passivity of those who already know this is working and yet do not use it. Do people prefer to suffer? hard to tell. Hundreds of thousands in BC have gone to the website
        They know how to do this. So when this is such a huge threat of slow motion extinction, why do so few who have this option choose to do what works this when it costs nothing beyond the fee for registered mail and when it is fully effective

  4. This is stupid on so many levels.
    To start it’s unsafe.
    Then secondly it is a restricted market for the manufacturers of the meters. Once they have made & installed in every home there will be a very small market.

    What is it all about?

    • panoptical spying and soft kill weaponry of course.

  5. Sounds like we all better make up our minds exactly where we want to live for the rest of our lives and make it happen now because we wont be able to move unless we want to be radiated.

    One thing that alarms me as much as anything is… even if we refuse smart meters, my understanding is that the signals from our neighbours’ meters will easily be strong enough to radiate us. So the only option to remain safe is to buy a detached house in the countryside that is far enough away from another property to avoid other people’s signals.

    Am I wrong in thinking that one or two walls will not be enough to block the signals? How far do the signals from the meters extend to?

    I know there are specialist paints / bed canopies etc to shield from it as I used both when I lived next to a mobile phone mast but you just can’t live like that long term.

    • Won’t be able to move unless we want to be radiated”, yes, you are right…

      for profit of course…

    • “you just can’t live like that long term.”
      Actually, what are the options? Common law is best. Yes it goes through walls and does not come to a screeching halt at your uninsulated skin. Meantime, since every meter covers many kilometres with a blanket of microwaves, yes, use shielding, and yes consider the use of an rf choke on the electrical mast, a military grade microwave filter for the electrical panel, ( These are a must. And for most people one would imagine that all of these survival tools would be far preferable to the alternative which hardly bears contemplating: Nevertheless: contemplate it, if it will motivate you to avert the worst of what is unfolding here. DNA shredding, sterilization, blinding headaches, nausea, dizziness, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, diminished IQ, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart attack, stroke, multiple organ failure, slow bioelectric failure, cognitive impairment, neurodegenerative sickness, depolarized nerves and muscles, rapid decline.
      How is this not a silent war by government against its own people?
      Might be best to get bunker ready now, not later once chronic painful sickness is likely make it next to impossible.
      And if you feel nothing?
      Be assured the measurable lab tests of the effect is exactly the same whether you feel it or not.

    • I have heard it said that the utility has no trouble getting signals from these meters even when they are located in the basement. Maybe you could reduce the radiation to an acceptable level by putting foil on the walls, ceiling and floor, (and earthing it for electrical safety)and screen the doors and windows but filtering the wiring where it enters and leaves a room would be essential. Much easier to say no. Normal brick walls attenuate the signals only slightly. Inside my house I can detect the cordless phones from my neighbours, but I have some paint to try.

  6. What will this do to the housing market? If I were looking for another house, one of the first questions I would ask is “is a Smart Meter installed?” Since the main culprit so far seems to be British Gas, it may be equally relevant to ask the estate agent whether his client’s utility provider was British Gas and whether they were aware that these meters were Group 2b carcinogens? If so, the property could be immediately rejected.

    If enough of us were to contact estate agents throughout the country (e.g. via Zoopla or Rightmove) they could well get the message that Smart Meters, which are the equivalent of having a mobile phone mast in your own home, would make a successful sale less likely to go to completion.

    If properly handled, this could be turned to our advantage since, even if people are not electrosensitive themselves, do not mind having their privacy invaded and are not afraid of getting cancer, they may still find difficulty in selling their house to those who are. Therefore they should think twice before having a Smart Meter Installed by any supplier. It may make their property much more difficult to sell when compared with those without them.

    With luck, we could stop even more Smart Meters being installed than would otherwise have been possible.

  7. This could be counter productive.Some of my family are electrosensitive and, if I have to accept a smart meter if I move to a new house, my immediate reaction will be to screen it so that it cannot transmit.

    I assume that the meters will be configured so that if no signal is received from them, they will either cut off the supply (which is illegal) or default to the highest rate at all times of the day.

    Apart from looking like a government-sponsored protection racket, if I have to pay the highest rate throughout the day there will be no incentive for me to keep off peak times. At present, many people do this by using the Economy Seven tariff where nighttime electricity is substantially cheaper. If this is no longer an option, there will be a net increase in electricity consumption at peak times which will therefore be self-defeating.

    • I think you will find that, as you do not own this hardware (smartmeter is classed as the utility company’s property, hence them having lawful access to your dwelling to service their equipement)anything you do to interfere with it will be classed as tampering and you will be punished accordingly.

      I do know that the smartmeters have anti-tamper monitoring software inbuilt so consider carefully what you wish to do.

      A fine fellow from indonesia says the smartmeters over there appear to have a camera, similar a laptop camera, inbuilt like cash machines do. I dont know if the UK ones will have this feature but you might want to bear that in mind.

      • Isn’t masking tape sold in Indonesia?

        • Thats hilarious!, masking tape was the guy in indoesia’s very solution, although it had to be replaced after every inspection visit 🙂

      • Tampering with the machinery of death will be or is already deemed to be illegal – under statute law put in place by wannabe executioners. Refusing the machinery of death as a violation of contract is 100% legal, if so refused under the terms of common law which protects not only the right of refusal but all sovereign rights of private persons worth protecting. Artificial persons have no rights. By implied or outright consent they have signed them away to an artificial person called the state. In order to be immune to the predations of this radiation regime, one must correctly and exactly Claim or re-Claim one’s Rights. Knowing how to do so correctly could prove to be the difference between life and death.

    • The frequencies enabled by this device couple to the unshielded house wiring wrapped around the outside walls. It will take shielding the wires as well as shielding, to stop this. A rep for one utility here admitted that the frequencies now being enabled are not the same ones as will be used in future, and that these devices can also handle different and multiple frequencies of different strengths.
      Think about the implications of that, What you get now is not what you will get later on. That could mean ANYTHING. The best way is to stop this at source. Consider researching and purchasing a military grade microwave filter or “choke” which can be installed either at the electrical mast or at the electrical panel.

  8. I can add a diabolical addition to this license change. One of the benefits of going to court about the forced entry warrant and shaking the tree.

    This is what happened in court just a few weeks ago:

    I was quoting the law and each time the clerk to the justice would frantically plink away at her computer and rush to the magistrate and whisper in his ear, obviously confirming what I said on some legal database.

    I said If need be I will change suppliers and have the smart meter changed out as is my right.

    The clerk to the justice plinked away at the computer and rushed to the magistrate and whispered in his ear. He then said and I quote:

    “Once a smart meter has been installed it may not be removed for 12 months from the date of the installation”

    I have not heard of this before or since but it was clearly on the legal database. So on 14th july 2013 a smartmeter may never be removed, and anyone who has had one installed in the last 12 months will never be able to have it removed either as they will run into this date for the smartmeter to NEVER be removed.

    Tough break for the thousands of folks in energy poverty who have been forced to have a smartmeter installed on and after 14th july 2012 eh?

    Whats interesting about this is at a stroke, the scumbags that be have just anchored for themselves a huge core of smartmeters for the smart grid that they can now just keep adding to.

  9. Someone in Germany, whose smart metre was continually vandalised (anonymously) found that their energy supplier got a bit fed with the expense of replacing them and after about the 3rd replaced it with a hardwired one.

    I imagine the vandalising was done in the night, and that if there had been a lens in the metre (which I don’t believe), I imagine that the resourceful German would have put a small piece of masking tape over it.

    • We have rights we have barely tapped into. Common law is the antidote to fascism, until they openly declare a police state this will work and may prevent one. Rise up – strategically, no, not rioting in the streets, the militarized police are more than prepared for that with weaponized frequency crowd control. Instead people are using subtle covert & often very clever subversive means instead. These are those interesting times they warned us about. Such times are now are upon us. And for those who prefer to go after the sources of harm themselves, many are very savvy about how vulnerable electronics are. We need not fear vulnerable cheaply made plastic technocratic devices, camera ready or not. There are always ways. Has anyone heard the rumours of entire motivated night crew “decommissioners”, acting invisibly, non destructively disabling highly vulnerable electronic components which would otherwise disable their loved ones?
      For every poison there is an antidote.
      “The world is not sliding, but galloping into a new transnational dystopia. This development has not been properly recognized outside of national security circles. It has been hidden by secrecy, complexity and scale. The internet, our greatest tool of emancipation, has been transformed into the most dangerous facilitator of totalitarianism we have ever seen. The internet is a threat to human civilization.

      These transformations have come about silently, because those who know what is going on work in the global surveillance industry and have no incentives to speak out. Left to its own trajectory, within a few years, global civilization will be a postmodern surveillance dystopia, from which escape for all but the most skilled individuals will be impossible. In fact, we may already be there.

      While many writers have considered what the internet means for global civilization, they are wrong. They are wrong because they do not have the sense of perspective that direct experience brings. They are wrong because they have never met the enemy.”
      ― Julian Assange

      “The essence of fascism is to make laws forbidding everything and then enforce them selectively against your enemies.”
      ― John Lescroart

      “It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions – you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There’s about as much freedom as under Stalinism.”
      ― Noam Chomsky

      “The true essence of a dictatorship is in fact not its regularity but its unpredictability and caprice; those who live under it must never be able to relax, must never be quite sure if they have followed the rules correctly or not.”
      ― Christopher Hitchens, Hitch-22: A Memoir

      “Fascism is capitalism plus murder.”

      “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power…. Among us today a concentration of private power without equal in history is growing.”
      ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

  10. So much for living in a free democracy. The totalitarian actions of this government are frankly, shameful. What right do they have to interfere in what is essentially a private contract between energy supplier and consumer?

    As I subsist on a low income my electricty usage is kept to an absolute minimum to save money. Installing a smart meter will not enable me to save any more. In fact the opposite applies, it would cost me far more because the device would be using up my electricty 24/7 to send its snooper data back to “Stasi” HQ.

    I have taped a “STOP, do not fit a smart meter here” print out over my analogue meter. I have written to my electricity company and advised them that they are not authorized to install a smart meter. In the event that they go ahead and install one anyway, it will be removed. It’s not happening here!

    As an aside, you can buy lead flashing for roofing which is fairly easy to shape into a cover to fit over these smart meters. This will block any signal on the front and sides but not the back.

    My ultimate aim is to go off grid but to do that I need to move house first. I recommend for all those interested to acquire a spare analogue meter now as they may be “disappeared” intentionally to make it harder for people to object. Could this be a new growth industry opportunity ?

  11. Perhaps the fact that installing a smart meter may lower the value of your house could be added to the leaflet?

  12. The more difficult the utility companies make it to circumvent the effects of their Smart Meters, the stronger the case becomes to inform estate agents of how the value of the properties they have for sale (and therefore their commission)will decline if a Smart Meter is installed. It will be in their own interests to advise prospective clients of this.
    Follow the money.

    • I concur absolutely and personally found this to be the case when we made an offer for a listed property which of necessity was well above the asking price – in an otherwise very slow and falling market. As it happens, as buyers we freely admit that THE deciding factor for what caused what turned into a bit of a bidding war was the firm assurance from our lawyer of the correctness, lawful strength and reliable solidity of the contractual rights document which was posted right next to the For Sale sign. The seller proactively posted a common law Claim of Right companion poster and mailed away correctly worded common law refusal documentation which prevented the installation of a smart meter, which was posted on the property. As buyers we can confirm that this is EXACTLY what caught our attention immediately, from the first, and added immensely to curb appeal for this property. We also then purchased a brand new approved analog electromechanical meter for a possible future sub metering option. Needless to say we were and are satisfied purchasers, especially since this property was right in the middle of a whole lot of other properties which had ALSO used Claim of Right to successfully refuse a smart meter.
      Investments made in ever larger numbers of non smart metered properties is the future of clever real estate. Besides, these frequencies already violate safety, building and electrical codes, causing separation of firewalls and building contacts, and corrosion of all metal structural components, so smart metered homes are also illegal homes. Check out what Andrew Michrowski has to say about how quickly manhole covers and even nuclear power plant pipes are wearing away, 20 years of corrosion in mere months, once wireless is in place.

      • Not in a position to buy a property, but as far as these documents referred to….if you have electronic copies can you post them here?

  13. Thinking outside the box and with no science background, so forgive me it the idea is outrageous, but is there a way a smart meter can be detected? If so can the technology be incorporated into a badge which emits blips the nearer one gets to a meter?

    What would passerbies think? Would people ask what the badge wearer is doing? How long would it take for people to start looking on the internet after the 2nd/3rd time of hearing people shouting/muttering ‘danger danger smart meter’ and backing off. Oh the fun you could have with it. People will think your crackers but just maybe a new craze especially with the younger generation, who love to askance people, might occur! I would buy one and I know the majority of my family would! Our young adults and children would find it funny and happily spend days having fun with it. They would also cheer when they see someone else doing it!

    I am sure there are many techno bods who would enjoy their downtime in producing something viable, something for their community, and something for their future offspring to be proud of.

    Just think how the housing market will react to people turning away from viewings because they were ‘beeping’!! Would it make potential sellers back off from having one installed? I can just see it ‘Oh the shame of it!

    I would enjoy wearing mine! So come on science and techno people make this or something similar a viable project!

    Ps as a very quick follow up there should be an app ready to launch so smart phones can detect. We need something for the more reserved members of the public don’t you think? It could go viral!

    • Thats a fine Idea sonja, probably all sorts of gizmo’s out there could do this for us.

      The smart meters communicate with datacommsco (the state controlled monopoly company holding the hub,the smart grid database)using the WAN {wide area network)module.

      They spy into your home using the HAN (home area network)module and also with other smart meters around them data sharing (according to the OFGEM smartgrid implementation doc’s).

      Which would mean we get to enjoy the overlapping emissions of our neighbours smart meters too.

      That being the case if you approached a community that was on the smart grid your beeper would start beeping as you entered and would not stop until you left town!!!.

  14. Corporate authority is a fiction.
    Stop upholding their fiction.
    Change the way in which you think. Whining only empowers them against you. People need to wake up and stop enabling this program.
    For a start: Disengage from victim logic.
    Stop saying over and over what “they” can or will do to “us” and commenting about how helpless we all are. That is the lie which people have got to stop perpetuating. Those who talk this way are actually very useful to these criminals. The whiners who behave like self identified victims only serve to perpetuate and bolster the bullies and perpetuate the lies of corporate and political fictional authority. Stop are doing THEIR propaganda for them. To trot out their corporate lies is literally the OPPOSITE of any strategy for winning.
    Next: Please use common law. It is the end of all worrying, You get to sleep at night, especially if you manage to convince those around you to do so as well. Go the link at the bottom of this comment. chances are, you need only change the name and address of the utility and will be able to then use the documents that are working here. In Canada just as in the UK English law recognizes common law as the supreme rights granted to private living men and women. Common law serves as the foundation stone of statute public law. they are impotent if you use it. So what are people waiting for?
    Finally: Stop focusing on the opponent. Become the elected official you wish they were and empower YOURSELF by taking back your power, using common law.
    They are helpless as babies the minute people catch on that their power over us is entirely artificial and fictional
    What works:
    Use this common law procedure and documents to shift all burden of proof back on to THEM. The 2nd and final document achieves what is called in law estopple by acquiescence. Research Black’s Law Dictionary for inspiring details. There is plenty of case precedent law to support defending your rights by revoking all inadvertent or other forms of consent which you do simply by reclaiming your right of refusal. ONce you use the documents to force THEM to prove that they have any claim of right to install a bi-directional radiation emitting data collecting transmitter on your home wiring, they are exposed for what they are, fictions. Otherwise, they will amalgamate your home and you into their grid. However, they will NEVER be able to prove they have this right if you use common law to assert your own claim and put them on notice which they cannot reply to. Why? They have no right to override YOUR Claim of Right. So CLAIM it. Don’t wait for chronic disability from microwave sickness which could make it too late to act.
    Our rights haver been there all along. We need only USE them. To do so is sheer brilliance and it works. You have nothing to lose but your paralyzing fear.

    • Hello Mia,
      Thank you for this empowering advice regarding the law and our attitudes. Can you recommend a good layman’s book about the burden of proof and the law?

      • What we are discussing here are our UNalienable rights, versus INalienable rights. Corporations have created public statute laws granting them permission to alienate INalienable rights. However, they cannot touch UNalienable rights. In answer to your question about a layman’s book? In a sense the information is freely available and at the same time we are in brand new territory here, not so much for common law itself. Just that this is all a brand new application of it. Common law is the original law of private men and women which respects and protects all of our rights as private individuals as granted by whomever we happen to deem to be the “creator” – and no, you need not be religious to qualify. We must first grant consent to have those rights removed before they can be destroyed. And if we reCLAIM them, that reclamation stands. He who gives the most recent notice wins, last notice standing.
        The origins of common law are ancient, yet since common law is the foundation stone of statute law, as always it is still taught to barristers, solicitors and lawyers, before they move on the use statute law.
        In statute law the allegiance of those who “seem” to represent you, is actually allegiance to the Crown, not to you. That said, no Act to install the smart grid has ever actually received a mandate nor any royal assent. No LG/lieutenant governor general appears to have signed off on this horror either, not in the Queen’s name, not anywhere. Had they done so, this would have made the Queen liable for the harmful fall out, at which point the Royals would be able to be outright sued.
        As it is, this is the most amazing example of the Emperor’s New Clothes, since the reality is this: ABSOLUTELY NO AUTHORITY ANYWHERE in the common wealth and beyond has approved of, taken charge of, ordered, assumed responsibility for or taken on the role of authorization of deployment of the smart grid. The cost was submitted in the USA Federal budget as a military expenditure which should be warning enough that we are in new and frightening territory here. Consequently we are also in a new place regarding this specific application of common law.
        This is not about OUR burden of proof, since Claim of Right reverses that burden and places it squarely on the utilities. That is what is so charming about this unique application of Claim of Right regarding burden of proof – All of it gets put back on to the utility to prove they have a right to experiment, to trespass, to violate, to intrude, to data mine, to cause electrical induction, disease, violation of rights, to torture, to burn down homes, etc., It becomes up to THEM, not US, to prove that any of this is safe and lawful. So the burden of proof is automatically reversed away from private individuals which the corporations view ,ere;y as “collateral damage” for profit, instead of the burden of proof being on those they harm. Now the utility has been put on Notice by the customer to prove it is not a violation of our rights which we have claimed. So this is new ground broken on a massive global scale, and this specific application of common law has, just since last fall, been used to stop corporate fascism in its tracks. It is actually very exciting to see, given the scale of this scheme and the illicit nature of it everywhere. Corporations use common law all the time against one another, because it works. In Britain and her former Canadian and U.S. colonies, common law predates statutory laws enacted by legislatures. YOUR RIGHTS 101
        This brief look at the uncommon power of Common Law is concerned with keeping an illegal,
        carcinogen-spewing spymeter off the wall of your residence, which is not licensed either as a
        radio broadcasting station or a 24/7 business hub to collect your neighbours’ tariffs for your local
        power company.
        In fact, “off the wall” is an accurate description of this whole smart meter scam. Not to mention
        bogus “warnings” by those with as yet undisclosed agendas working hard to get us to forego the
        Common Law underpinning all British and Canadian Statute Law.
        Our democratic rights have been bought in blood. They come with one crucial caveat: Use them
        or lose them. The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada. Defending your home
        and property is your constitutionally-protected right. Protecting your rights is often best done
        under Common Law.
        In all regions of Canada other than Quebec, English common law forms the basis of our form of
        laws, observes the University of Waterloo.
        One third of the world’s population – more than two-and-a-quarter billion people – live under
        common law jurisdictions, or in systems mixing common law with civil law.
        So what is common law?
        In 1154, King Henry II institutionalized common law by creating a unified system of law “common” to the country. Today, the Oxford English Dictionary defines Henry’s landmark law as “That which
        derives its force and authority from the universal consent and immemorial practice of the community.” Common law is sometimes referred to as “unwritten law” because it is not codified under legal statutes. It is also known as “judge-made” law because judges can make common law without legislative intervention based on their interpretation of precedents set in previous legal cases. If no precedent exists, judges can act on their own in making rulings.
        Trespass and Ownership – two
        key components in the Smart Meter Wars – are well established in case (common) law.
        “Common Law is sometimes defined as common sense, a law of ones’ good conscience, a law reflecting the standards of the community. It is also perceived as… a law which is self evident.
        Common law derives from uses and customs of the people, which have been handed down through generations, while statute law is that which refers to laws created and passed by the legislature and which is written down for codified use. Common law can also include the
        decisions of the judges through the courts and tribunals.” []
        Common law takes precedence. As Aussie expert, Malcolm McClure points out, “There is no statute that exists between you and your primary rights.”
        Fighting Globalism With Common Law
        “Statute law does not have power or authority to eliminate and /or compromise a… Common Law right,” wiki concurs.
        Couples in long-term relationships are commonly understood to be “married” under common law.
        Corporations insisting on their product and patent rights use common law to sue the shirts and
        cufflinks off each other. Check out the titanic legal struggle featuring Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. over the design of smartphones and tablet computers. Between them, these
        two mega-corporations produced more than half of all smartphones sold worldwide as of July 2012. By then, the two rivals were contesting more than 50 lawsuits around the planet, claiming
        billions of dollars in damages between them. Among other complaints, Apple used Common Law to sue for trademark infringement. After deciding 700 technical questions and reaching its verdict in one day, a U.S. jury awarded Apple more than $1 billion in damages as the company’s iPad factory workers in China committed suicide over inhuman working conditions. Interestingly, in North America wrongful death claims are made under common law.
        SLAPP suits use common law to retaliate against those who “speak out on a public issue or controversy,” states the Citizen Media Law Project. SLAPPs are often brought by corporations “against individuals or community organizations that oppose their actions”. Common Law works for one-on-one disputes. As backers of an Asbestos Litigation case found in the ‘states, common law is not applicable to class action lawsuits. [In re Joint Eastern & Southern
        Dist. Asbestos Litigation, 129 B.R. 710, 803 (E.D.N.Y. 1991)]

        Do you want to defend your personal rights against a predatory corporation intent on causing harm?
        Why are utilities acting so shy around all those mailed in and posted potent Claims Of Right by private men and women? Because their lawyers understand all too well the power of common law in defending personal rights. With good reason the utilities do NOT respond to within the time specified, (72 hours) at which point the customer’s
        NOTICE OF DEFAULT carries serious weight.
        Under Common Law, “a contract must be knowingly, voluntarily
        and intentionally entered into or it is unenforceable.”
        A Claim of Right is in essence saying”
        Prove you have the claim of right to violate MY Claim of Right. Meanwhile? They are trying for a third party agreement without your agreement. From the perspective of the corporation, you, the customer, are intended to become and remain their host site with neither your knowledge or permission. You’re expected to be able to be forced to host a corporate enterprise.
        IN which case, King Henry conjured Common Law just for you.
        Black’s Law Dictionary is a good start to study this, but hardly qualifies as “layman” material. It is in the interests of government that information that can empower the public is scarce. However, in this case it is hiding right out in the open.
        Apparently people in Australia are now about to use common law too, after changing the name of the utility and the address.
        One rule? Never mix these particular common law documents with any other documents at all, ESPECIALLY because any other document will be based on or using the language of statute or public law, at which point the latter will nullify the former.
        So DO NOT send in or post any other forms. They may conflict and nullify your CLAIM OF RIGHT.

    • Thanks for the postings Mia. It all comes down to the Politics of Perception. Endless Movies, video games and TV shows extolling the Police/Medical/Media/Military apparatus give people the impression they are powerless, when quite the opposite is true. If you wish to be truly empowered, don’t watch any movies, video games or TV for a few weeks and then see how you feel. Digital video contains many subliminal images they were unable to insert into analogue programing, which is why Obama was so eager to make the switch. The subconscious is their gateway to controlling the population.
      Meanwhile, my notice of opposition to Smart Meter installation is still posted underneath my analogue meter. They dropped by a few weeks ago to make another attempt at installation. I gave them my lawyer’s card and told them to call him. I’ve heard nothing more.

  15. Those who forget history doom themselves and everyone else around them to repeat history.
    You think what happened in Germany cannot happen again, disguised as a global energy upgrade? Call this crazy? Think again? Everywhere corporations are ignoring criminal harm from the smart grid. If a form of intentional depopulation is not preplanned to be unfolding again, it might as well be. Slowly. Very clever. Take a few minutes to learn how we are all being treated no differently than the Jews, the Roma gypsies, the Catholics, etc in Nazi Europe. Just as people now rationalize the smart grid, so, at first, did those forced to be singled out as “non Aryan” rationalize that wearing a gold star would not lead to deportation. the result of lacking survival instincts was that billions stayed in denial too long until it was too late, and then they were deported to slave labour camps and slowly worked to death.
    If you have any survival instincts at all, now is the time to act to stop a smart meter, before you become too cognitively impaired to think and act to save yourselves.
    And while you are at it, just do a little research on the Final Solution chapter of history. The parallels are positively eery.
    Just as Mussolini had a vision that corporations would rule the world in the most perfect form of fascism wed to government (sound familiar these days?), Hitler had a vision of a Master Race of Aryans that would control all of Europe – otherwise known as the unelected EU, with Brussels as the banking centre.
    Think this is conspiracy?
    Research the Red House report.
    The EU was planned for well in advance, in 1944, by top Nazis.
    Every European nation had its courageous resisters, – just as the courageous ones now resist the grid. Poland’s underground army – made up of children, teenagers, and regular men and women – was responsible for defending the lives of thousand of its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. Many were killed for their acts of courage against the Nazis.
    Even though most German citizens were supportive of Hitler’s plan to control Europe, there were German citizens who died because they refused to go along with Hitler’s plan.Thousands of Catholic priests and Christian pastors, and clergymen were forced into concentration camps. Homosexual males from all nations, including Germany, were persecuted, tortured and executed. Hitler even searched his own men and found suspected homosexuals that were sent to concentration camps wearing their SS uniforms and medals. During Hitler’s “cleansing program”, thousands of people with various handicaps were deemed useless and simply put to death like dogs and cats. Of 11 million people killed during the Holocaust, six million were Polish citizens.
    Hitler quickly took control of Poland by specifically wiping out the Polish leading class — the Intelligentsia (leadership of any resistance was singled out).
    Non-Jews were made prisoners inside their own countries and homes. No one was allowed out. The Germans took over ranches, farms and Polish factories. Religious groups such as Jews and Jehovah’s Witnesses were forced to wear yellow or purple armbands and thousands of JWs were imprisoned as “dangerous” traitors because they refused to take a pledge of loyalty to the Third Reich.
    Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians.
    Others were from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany.
    Periodically fascism rises again. So USE THE LAWS OR LOSE THE LAWS.

  16. At this point all bets would be off… but we are many, they are few, and so this declaration is never openly made as people are losing fear of false and daily more abused authority
    The Definition of a Police State

  17. There is a quote that is deceptive at firts glance.. It states:

    ‘There is no such thing as a bad law’

    What this actually means is that if its perceived to be bad by good honest men and women it can not be a ‘law’ and anyone who tries to enforce such evil by giving such evil the power of law should be resisited at all costs and such false laws should be ignored.

    • Yes. Also see “jury nullification” – a jury has the right to deem a law as unjust. Most juries are probably unaware of this.

      • Interesting… that’s good to know.

  18. GMOs, smart meters what next.. easy answer, buy organic and put lead box over smart meter

    • Its important to fight this at every level.. I will never allow a smart meter into my home .. I print my own leaflets and put them through doors in my area.. If we all do that the word will spread fast and we can kill this crazy plan.

    • Lead is great. They do show up when you use it since it stops all bi-directional transmissions. ON its own it is inadvisable unless there is no wireless inside the home. It is a good idea on the inside or interior meter wall to see that it’s fully insulated with heavy duty insulation foil stapled floor to ceiling and wall to wall against the inside of the meter wall.

  19. First of all I should explain that I am a Scottish electrician who moved to Canada and became what is called master electrician and Professional Electrical Contractor over here.

    From the point of view of the utility company supplying electricity the smart meter allows them to lay-off meter readers and save money that would be spent on wages. The job that is lost is a job that ought not to exist, something like the lamplighter who used to go around lighting gas lights. It is redundant.

    The smart meter is actually not really very smart. It is all about short-term thinking and quarterly results for share holders.
    All the smart meter does is periodically measure the power being consumed and store this information in a memory location.
    After a pre-determined time period the data stored is transferred to a more central computer.

    By analyzing the data the power company can predict peak demand for a particular area and make sure that it has the system operating to meet that demand so that customers are satisfied.

    There is no big mystery in smart meters but if the utility company was “on the ball” they would be able to see that the meters are not necessary. The meters could be removed and replaced by invisible ( to the customer) means of knowing the power consumption.

    • I have been told by my Electricity Company that Smart Meters transmit data every 15min , night and day, 24 hours .. radiating the home for the rest of your natural born life.. I live in a small terrace house . If these get into our homes the whole street will be pulsating with these killer transmissions. In addition the companies will use complex analysis to ‘know’ what you are doing in your home. Example ‘reading’ suggests shower and TV on. THIS IS ALL ABOUT BIG BROTHER, Sooner rather than later that data will also be hacked by GCHQ and we will be monitored 24/7

      • To David Jary,
        It has been decided all the data will go to the Government first and then passed to the utilities via a database to be built.

        • Hi, can you tell me more about the info going to government first. Its important to back this information up with refs.. thanks..
          I have just heard on the radio that British Gas have to remove a large percentage of smart meters already installed because they dont meet government standards..

          • ‘government standards’? you mean they dnt provide enough imagery or information….?

            it would actually be a lot easier and cheaper to hardwire it to the phone line rather than wifi surely?

          • Hi David
            I’ll see if I can find the ref.

        • that sounds unlikely….govt get the ‘companies’ to build the stuff for them, or otherwise they can’t stay in business…not been reading the news lately? therefore it wd go to the government VIA the companies…the spyware is being hardwared into the system…..and I still think the main driving force behind it is ‘Radar’ vision….

          just think of the cost. not just of installing. but all those people who end up unemployed will be given severence packages. then onto benefits. then the extra staff employed to adminsiter those claims. UK is losing not jobs…not creating them. and in the middle of a recession?

          it’s the only thing that makes sense as to WHY they’re doing it….

          and with the health implications guess they’re planning on killing off NHS at some point, which i wnt argue with being a bad thing…

  20. It’s things like this that make me glad I live in a wireless dead zone.

  21. I work for a company who designed and manufactur them in the UK. I’m a co-ordinator for planning the exchange of all current meters to meters equipped with the smart meter.

    I’m not wholly sure why people are referring to analogue and digital meters this may be a different thing to what I’m dealing with.

    I solely deal with industrial and commercial units in my role. The smart meter is a little black box which clips onto a normal dial meter (like what you already have) it uses a mobile phone signal to send back the meter readings at the requested intervals by the gas supplier. It does this by measuring the pulses going through the meter. The black box is not mains powered it has a battery with a lifespan of approx 20years. It transmits through a UK mobile network.

    Today is the first day I’ve really thought and woke up to what I’m a part of. There are boxes upon boxes of these meters in my office blinking away on a daily basis and I’m super aware of how hot and how many people are unwell in that office. Little things are becoming clearer to me how on the grander scale of things these could be extremely negative in many ways.

    It may be time to look for work elsewhere… though given Im only recently new into the company and it took a lot to get this role I don’t know how I’m going too.. all I know now is that I truly want too.

    • sounds like you are talking about the old commercial one’s, never seen one but had heard they’re basically a mobile phone….that’s NOT what we’re talking about, these one’s are wifi….

      If i had a home i would be looking to make it RF proof….but I’m still in a prison of sorts….no release date, doubt I’ll ever get one…..regardless, I think I’m ‘sensitive’ to it (constant headeache seven years + now), amongst other things but pretty sure I wasn’t BEFORE they locked me up and tortured me for a while….on the basis of talking about things like this! amongst other things….

      Parents also got Thyroid problems, suspect it’s related and dog has medical problems as well….vets claim they’re totally stumped!

  22. Its very important that people take the time to protect their area.. and not just their own home.. The only way to stop this madness is mass rejection.. Please please people..Design your own local information/ warning letter and post it to all residents in your street or area if you can manage that. I have printed and posted to around 300 houses.. Also you can put notices on lamp posts.. I have also done that.. This is a war and we must win it.. Talking on the internet is fantastic. But local door to door action is the only way this is going to be stopped.. and it has to be stopped..

  23. Illegal…? so’s creeping up behind people wearing a disguise and shooting them repeatedly in the head….amongst many others things…doesn’t stop them though does it? only way to make them stop is prison or death….I don’t see any other way….I don’t have access to a prison or parallel court system, so only one real option….defend oneself!

    60 minute makeover? they’re not even g-men…..

    I think the REAL reason they’re doing it, which keeps getting overlooked….is that through the wifi single they can see into people’s home, in 3d and in real time….it works a bit like radar, with the wifi bouncing off objects and people….then it’s just a question of software and processing power to turn them into visible images….lot cheaper and far more effective than installing covert cameras and other devices into people’s homes via RIPA, perverts charter….

    This was wikileaked some years ago. Wired ran an article on it, I’ll see if i can find the link if you dnt believe me….

  24. Everyone should look up the link by Jake Maverick

    This is another serious reason to block Wifi role out..

  25. not entirely off topic i think

    one also has to wonder how this wifi effects ‘brains’…fact is the technology has not been around long enough (you need about 60 years) to work out exactly how and what it’s doing…that is if the proper research is being done….i suspect the ‘wrong’ research has already been done and this is why they’re doing it…

    V2K, TI, gangstalking….try searching those words and see where the level of tech is really at….DARPA admitted to v2k several years back after wikileaks leaked the docs…..but general population still doesn’t ‘know’?

  26. I have installed smart meters and demonstrated them, from a customers point of view, they enable you to see when you are using a lot of energy and you can get your meter readings, but how this is going to save you money, given that we are all already frightened to use energy because of high prices is debatable. What is not debatable is the collosal savings the energy companies will make: First we the consumers will be paying for the smart meters, yet there are a huge number of ancient gas and electric meters out there already, which should be changed, so we will no doubt be saving the energy companies.
    In addition to the meter readers no longer required, the reduction in customer service staff, accounting staff the savings for the energy companies are huge, all at our expense, why are they not spending the huge profits, after all they will be making even more, while for the consumer, well we have an imaginary saving!