Commons Select Committee Publishes Over 100 Responses To ‘Smart’ Meter Consultation from Concerned Scientists, Doctors, Campaign Groups

The House of Commons Select Committee has just published submissions to its consultation on DECC’s ‘Smart’ Meter plans.  Despite the fact that we received only two days notice about the consultation, it appears as though more than 100 scientists, doctors, campaign groups and concerned individuals (as well as large industry players) responded to the questions put forward by the Committee.

You can find the published responses here:

We hope that this flood of responses has sent a clear message that the issues presented by ‘Smart’ Meters are not going away and are, in fact, gaining more broad and vocal advocacy.

Our thanks go to those who took action.  There are some excellent responses.


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  1. It’s simply not good enough for smart meters to be rolled out to make the work of the electricity companies
    easier…..convenience has its price. And the price is too high = the health of the public. This is yet
    more microwave technology added to the load we already have: mobile and cordless phones, masts and Wifi,
    all of which is known to cause radiation symptoms.

    • A smart meter is at minimum at least 40 times stronger than a cell phone – possibly more, closer to having a cell tower on your bedroom wall. Then there is the Medusa meter, the smoking gun component they do not talk about. In Canada a Medusa is installed by stealth on one in every 22 homes. It violates all laws at a whole other level, phenomenally worse even than smart meters, by far, more akin to having a collector hub right on the house connected to 5000 other meters at once. To stay focused on and end device called a meter is to miss the overview.
      Yu have to go after all the emitters, not just the small ones.
      When they lie about how “safe” this all is, try to remember this: They left out of all calculations the other items like collector hubs plus all other components of the grid. They also left out all the other mobile antennas, wifi, the whole panopticon, all of it carpet bombing the ecosystem and everything in it, combined and cumulatively. This is a continuous radiation blast zone disguised as a power grid.
      And every time any frequency intersects with another, this create new frequencies. Why does this matter? There is no such thing as a frequency equation, indeed it is not possible to arrive at any measurable equation when you first choose to ignore the other factors by leaving out all of the other components of the grid blasting all of the biology, not a single lead apron in sight.
      The most overlooked components forced into the grid are all the bio-electrical beings involuntarily coupled into that entire smart grid by force. Everything in the ecosystem, every single thing in the world has electrical properties. Hence EKGs and ECGs. Every single cell in your body has impedance, voltages, resistance, all electrical properties. The difference is that unlike the grid, you and the birds, bees, butterflies, bats, dolphins, deer, whales, rabbits, , foxes, everything, all of this functions at an ultra low natural hertz level, for humans this means 7.85 hertz when awake, and .5 hertz when asleep.
      Your brain and body have no insulation from 2.45 gigahertz issuing constantly from your wireless portable home phone, from your wireless baby monitor which all on its own radiates for thousands of feet (a baby monitor keeps your baby safe how, again?), your wifi modem which actually operates in an inferior way to a hard wired modem, your wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, the satellite dish antenna right outside your child’s bedroom window (which is also does double duty as part of the smart grid), and that is not adding in the sheer force of the global smart grid and everything in it, including you.
      A simple TV cable intentionally has more adequate protection than you do, and that insulation is put there to prevent frequency conflict. When it comes to signal interference, they already knew this fact, but decided that your brain need no protection, only your TV. The entire grid is mass deployment of ubiquitous frequency conflict with not only your whole house wiring and all appliances tied into it but with everything in the known world of biology.
      All of biology. Not just human centred interests. How is nature able to defend itself? Escape? Fly to where? Find a beehive again? How?

      • Absolutely. Well said, Mia.

  2. They are still locked into the subject of climate change when millions of us know it is a total scam to extract money from the gullible. This is all monstrous…

    • When corporate behaviour becomes indistinguishable from that of roaming predators, at that point the well being, even the lives and the untimely deaths of ordinary people who believe that they have been left no choice but to become snared , caught in the smart grid drift net (wrong! there is choice) are viewed as irrelevant to and incompatible with corporate utility goals, namely absolute greed and profit – at ANY cost
      Thus this corporate model is incapable of a long view, ignores the big picture, is indifferent to any overview of where their own actions are leading.
      In this sense corporate predation is more like armies of blind worms or army ants, devouring whole the global vegetation upon which all life depends.
      Hence we now witness the bald faced plans for corporate takeover of everything, even war itself, carried out purely for profit – no matter the cost.
      The utility version of this kind of corporate parasite actually has reached the stage where it’s predatory thinking is so short term that it has become a matter of indifference to its own goals that it is busy rapidly trying to devour its own host, or rather, what it may see as the expendability of the host upon which it feeds and which it consumes.
      After all, there will always be another customer in need of electricity, right? After all we are seen as junkies utterly dependent on electricity, gas, and water, all of which can be smart metered. So from their perspective, they assume that they have us all cornered and have gained the ultimate control over the most basic amenities of what allows us to continue with any semblance of modern life.
      Many decent people, at least those who have never worked with psychopaths and do not understand what runs them, tend to find this idea of premeditated monstrous corporate predation impossible to even consider. Instead, too often, those in denial tend to become paralyzed, rather like an electricity junkie mongoose hypnotized by a utility & government cobra.
      In the case of the global smart grid, from the perspective of the predator, what does it really matter, since the view in general inside the corporate world is often that much of the population is largely expendable in any case, and Al Gore the oil baron and divinity school drop out has assured his cult followers that there are just too many of us anyway.
      That and trillions of dollars to be made was the main idea of the climate scam. The main thrust was to get the world to sink into self loathing and then to tithe to the church of global warming to save them from sin.
      If they could manage to make people feel nothing but repulsion toward humanity itself, the rest would fall into place, just in time for the smart grid to be “deployed” (militarily). The climate Ponzi scheme was intended to make trillions for a few at the expense of billions of human beings. Its secondary goals were supposed to use everything it takes to achieve a state of passivity, a kind of global a collective death wish.
      Enter the smart grid, the remake of Enron, and the foundation stone of Agenda 21, as created by the likes of Maurice “criminal exile in China” Strong. by Gro Harlem common purpose one world government Brundtland, and by Henry war criminal Kissinger, etc.
      The scheme is supposed to to implement global governance, global banking, global policing, global laws, global military, all of which is now referred to in polite elite circles and on the news as “The Great Convergence”.
      Meanwhile the smart grid convergence could serve more than one purpose, able as it is to set in motion population reduction for pharmaceutical and other profit, all of it with no shipping necessary, to be carried out in the former comfort of your own microwaved home.
      Despite all of what is written here sounding more like a very bad take off on the Dr Strangelove script – it might not hurt to think about it for a minute:: Who else but a group of certifiable corporate and other psychopaths (comprised of those who are already familiar with the use of weaponized ultra low frequencies to cause disablement and death, as applied for decades by the military) would be best equipped to collude and to collectively think up such a snake oil green washed eugenics scheme as the smart grid?
      The essence of the plan is meant to be for you and your home to become bio-electrically and forcibly coupled into the smart gird, and used as data mining centres. The idea is for your home to become the host site for what is tantamount to a global microwave oven data mining scheme which is able to usurp domestic home electrical wiring and to arc and corrode unshielded home wiring as well as all other metal used to created every structure.
      Think of the smart grid as kind of like a slow motion EMP microwave demolition tool that is piggy backed onto the electrical grid, world wide.
      From a psychopathological perspective, the smart gird has so many perks, at least for a psychopathic corporate mentality.
      For one thing, the frequencies are inescapable – that is what a global microwave “blanket” means – no place to hide or escape. The frequencies also are able to cause immediate as well as delayed fires. The meters run very hot. Touch one and see. Even they are not designed to withstand for long the frequencies which they enable and other frequencies which they are supposed to later enable in future. These various frequencies are also able to induce microwave sickness, often seen as other illnesses. Better yet, most people take it personally and blame themselves, call microwave sickness EHS as if they themselves were the problem rather than those who are using microwaves to try to create signals everywhere, while blanketing the whole earth in frequencies incompatible with the continuation of all life.
      The monetized smart grid and monetized cell towers – like the monetized wind turbines, (surely one of the ugliest excuses for unfounded fear ever), now proliferate and begin to “decorate” nature like ghoulish christmas trees covered in countless omnidirectional antennae, as if lining up across the landscape to create a mobile cell tower version of death row.
      And who in fact keeps it all going?
      Seven billion cell phone owners and users who disconnect one wireless form of lethal harm from another, the ever willing customer who keeps busy daily courting ten year delayed brain tumours by gluing microwave radiation emitters to theirs and their children’s heads – all the time.
      Not a single cell (mobile) company boycott in sight anywhere.
      The smart grid and the cell phone mesh network all have to be stopped for very good reason.
      Both, like microwave ovens, slow cook not just human flesh but the entire ecosystem.
      And that “host” upon which the corporation seeks to feed until our assets have been fully cored out from the inside is every one of us. We are the host upon whom these parasites intend to feed., which they cannot do unless we collude and continue to support them.
      Psychopaths are never content until the prey no longer is able to offer any further benefits or assets, until the host to the psychopathological predator has nothing left to give, – at which point the prey becomes fully expendable.
      What this would become, in reality, if it were allowed to continue, is slow motion psychopathological biocide.
      That said, it is less difficult than one might think to defeat these corporate predations, by using common law.
      Unless overnight – a la the Fourth Reich – we were to witness the alteration everywhere of so called “democracies” transformed to one police state, in the meantime the proper use of common laws wherein our inherent rights are fully protected remain ours to use to stop all of this.
      So either we are magpies prepared to die slow and painful deaths as a result of our own attraction to gadgets which all have in common the use of weaponized deadly frequencies.
      Or we want to live full and healthy lives by JUST SAYING NO and by boycotting predatory corporatism in its entirety.
      It really is that simple.

  3. I feel its pure greed that they wish to bring smart meters out as the bills will be higher as they eat up electric, on top of that all the sickness, what about all the deformed babys they will create, I think our health service is stretched to the max now, with all this wifi stuff going on, what about the future of mankind, girls eggs will be damaged, boys sperm will be damaged but then that is happening now, take a look at these people who are pushing for all this stuff, thay are loaded, live in big houses and kids go to top schools, what about animals who are being affected by this technology, what about bees they become disorientated by WiFi, why don’t these people who are trying to make up there minds look at the internet and watch (Resonance being of frequency) film on youtube then make up there minds, i suffer from ES and am a member of uk sufferers our lifes are a living hell, we are mainly housebound

  4. I worked for a company here in England over ten years ago that built electricity meters (for consumer & industrial market) and made a product called ‘mainstalk’, which is an electric meter that relays signals/info/instructions over the mains supply, no microwave transmitter required.
    A product like that or one that uses a fiber optic connection would be a safe, fast, accurate device and I know could be produced at a reasonable cost to manufacturers.
    No health or info hacking problems.

    • That’s really interesting, thanks Alex. We imagine there are more of these types of devices available now too – as an example, Devolo make a product which allows you to communicate IP traffic over mains, from a simple plug. The issue of communicating data to consumers is far easier and far less hazardous than the faux-solution/trojan horse Smart Meter would have us believe.

    • But if the system were hack proof, how the heck would those in “power” hang on to power, meaning those who are already in full agreement with collusion with corporatism as the new technocratic form of remote governance? After all, the wedding of corporations and government was Mussolini’s idea of the perfect form of fascism. All that was needed was for enough time to pass for this fact to become forgotten.
      The grid is the ultimate way for the power hungry to maintain control of their need for power over our power and to be in the ideal position to exercise withdrawal of power?
      This is how any crack dealer behaves. The real question is whether or not people are tired of being dependent on utilities that have become thugs.
      They make a system wireless not only to cut corners but presumably in order for it to NOT be hack proof.
      When the head of the FBI says it has never been easier for our enemies to attack, he omits to mention that we may have elected many of our enemies.
      Otherwise, if the system was hard wired, collection of money and data, where the REAL money is to be made, would be inaccessible – or at least harder to achieve.
      And what appeal has that got for those who do not have our best interests in mind and may not be able later on to carry off an inside hack job, say …the planned Enron kind. If the system were fibre optic, how then to achieve absolute control over not only energy rationing, withdrawal and absolute control? One need only go on Youtube and watch THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM to know where all of this is heading, covertly planned rolling blackouts and the attendant extortion, or even a controlled power grid version of 9/11 which could then be blamed on the enemy “terrorists” from elsewhere who plotted to collapse “our” grid, which those in power conveniently prearranged to be easily hacked and collapsed.
      And what are the energy psychopaths to do with this much idle time on their hands if controlled chaos is ever to follow on the heels of several stages of disaster capitalism?
      If EVER there was a terrible warning built into a scheme, a ready lesson about now to not procrastinate any longer, about how to kick electricity addiction any way possible, how to simply electrical needs down to the absolute minimum by differentiating wants from needs, a time to become as self sufficient as possible as soon as possible, surely this is that time and that is this lesson.

  5. FYI
    Just in case you are not aware of all of your options and rights of refusal:
    It might serve UK resistance well to proceed to investigate the correct application of a properly worded Claim Of Right Notice of Default, tailored to suit your own situation in the UK.
    Here in Canada people are using the folowing approach- with very satisfying results – which involves a Common Law document designed to stop smart meter installations.
    Public law has become so corrupted by corporate machinations that in effect to operate under its terms is to agree to be a commodified citizen coup0led into the global smart grid. Public law has not only symbolically but legally amalgamated most of our rights, and co-opted nearly everything we own, including our own properties for their own uses.
    Public law is “legal” law.
    It governs supposedly “inalienable” rights of public persons, every one of which is overseen by, controlled by, subject to, and defined and redefined by the government in power as it sees fit, a process sin which you have little to no say, despite “elections”.
    This is why seemingly legitimate cases brought against corporations not only cost a fortune but still are lost all the time, often leaving the plaintiffs penniless.
    Private law is “lawful”, not “legal”.
    It is inherent common law which has always protected “unalienable” rights of all private persons, regardless of which government is in power.
    All rights worth having remain protected by private common law, not public statute law, with which it is utterly incompatible.
    Private law is there to protect private persons & is really the ONLY thing which protects our rights, health, property, privacy, all of it.
    Public statutory law never really did this very well, is only affordable to those with countless cash to squander, and does not guarantee any kind of justice. The rights of any public person, meaning “you” as defined by “them”, have been co-opted by corporate driven government policies all over the western world.
    That is why corporations resort to common law when dealing with one another.
    Common law is often used to settle landlord tenant disputes as well. Despite its mainstream use it is not well known to most people for what it is, a very powerful tool which also precludes the necessity for lawyers, lawsuits, injunctions, settlements, and/or any financial losses from same.
    Claim of Right (NOT to be confused with fringe or cult use of junk interpretations of same, occasionally used by some to try to get out of all moral and social responsibilities) is a common law strategy which is already being used successfully to protect everyone’s right to refuse a smart meter.
    The use of common law is already well known to private corporations, which use it all the time to protect themselves from the predations of one another. They simply try to make citizens think that we are not free to do the same.
    The Claim of Right Notice served to any given utility is a 2 step method by which the private person serves the utility with Notice. If the Utility does not reply within 72 hours, (and so far, they do not), this means that your notice is the most recent one left standing, so to speak and that by “default” their silence in this matter means that the utility has acquiesced to the terms as stated in the Notice you sent to them as a private person protected under common law. That in turn means that by default the utility has thereby accepted the terms in the Notice you sent by registered mail to them, – which is only done after making and keeping copies of same plus proof of mailing, for your own files.
    This is an amazingly simple and effective form of self defence against the invasive predations of this global smart grid travesty, which in effect is a systemic way of violating all customer contractual understanding and contracts.
    By co-opting a private residence as a third party host site used to conduct corporate business, such as data mining and collection, the corporation is in full violation of your private rights and contractual law as it pertains to private person common law.
    The second sequel document that is sent is a Notice document. This one is to be sent a minimum of 30 days after the utility receives the first document.
    This two step process serves to achieve something known in common law as “estoppel”. As of that moment all burden of proof of the utility’s own claim of having any “right” to install a smart meter rests solely with the utility.
    And the utility remains unable to prove that right.
    Self protection by means of common law is working absolute wonders in BC, Canada. And the real beauty of it is that the only cost is the registered mail fees.
    We feel so fortunate to have had all of this explained to us by those who are in agreement that smart grid carpet bombing and omnidirectional microwave blast zones covering our entire ecosystem violate every right we and everything biological may have left to defend.
    If you are interested, free of charge, this aproach is being used right now by citizens in Canada, specifically in BC, – but who knows where next? §;~D
    We are witnessing a revolution.
    More and more people now awaken after having been pushed to the point where they are at last fully motivated to seek out the means to stop this thuggery, the use of force, the threats, the harm to health, covert surveillance, highway robbery leading to fuel poverty, damage to infants, children and pets, and far worse, to everything which sustains all biological life as we know it.
    Check it out.

  6. The Canadian Clarification of Common Law in Action:
    How does a Crown corporation POTENTIALLY get to co-opt a private home and convert it into a third party host site for a corporate enterprise?

    (Star Trek Next Generation, “Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated!”)

    The answer is by means of amalgamation.

    You …REGIS (latin for King) …REGIStered your properties to the Crown/Government.
    According to their logic, if they can amalgamate all the property of a person (you) with the Authority, then all property is deemed to be that of the Authority.

    It really is that simple.

    Hydro Power and Authority Act, S.12 (5)

    “despite the land title act, if the “authority” acquires all the property, assets or undertaking of, or “amalgamates” in any manner with a PERSON, all of the interests registered in a land title office are deemed to be registered interests of the authority or the “amalgamated” corporation, as the case may be, and the registrar of the land title office must accordingly make all necessary amendments to the register, and the amendments constitute registration of the interests under the Land Title Act in favour of the authority or the “amalgamated” corporation, as the case may be.”

    i.e. The authority has the capacity and the rights, powers and privileges of an individual of full capacity!

    Division 4.1 — Miscellaneous

    Hydro and Power Authority Act
    53 Section 1 of the Hydro and Power Authority Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 212, is amended in the definition of “power” by adding “, except in sections 12 (1) and 38 (2),” before “includes energy”.
    54 Section 12 (1) is repealed and the following substituted:
    (1) Subject to this Act and the regulations, the authority has the capacity and the rights, powers and privileges of an individual of full capacity and, in addition, has
    (a) the power to amalgamate in any manner with a firm or person, and
    (b) any other power prescribed. (1.1) The authority’s purposes are
    (a) to generate, manufacture, conserve, supply, acquire and dispose of power and related products,
    (b) to supply and acquire services related to anything in paragraph (a), and
    (c) to do other things as may be prescribed.
    (1.2) The authority may not engage in activities or classes of activities prescribed for the purposes of this subsection without obtaining an applicable approval as prescribed.

    The Clam of Right Notices and Default Notices are based on (individual contracts) using contract law to put Hydro into default (“estoppel by acquiescence”).

    When a party to a contract, (in this case customers) identifies omissions, failure to fulfill a duty of care, violations of law, wilful misconduct, etc––(all of which are very serious allegations)––and when that party forwards said allegations to the other party demanding a timely response ….. and when no response is forthcoming, ….. the other party is said to be at default and the contract is not binding in law.

    Default is an agreement by said party to a state-of-facts.

    A default based on omissions is technically a judgement in and of itself––
    Now there are many thousands of these same defaults across British Columbia.

    There is nothing higher in law than PRIVATE rights––absolutely nothing.
    The highest level being a CLAIM.

    The word “owner” was not defined in the Clean Energy Act.
    THEY could not define the word “owner” as PUBLIC because some would understand the definition, meaning a full fledged police state.

    Similarly, if they had defined “owner” as PRIVATE, THEY would be without any AUTHORITY to install the meters on private property.

    How many Hydro and Government lawyers have read that Notice at this point?
    Yet after 5 months it remains standing.
    Because we who are using these Notices have all claimed our private rights.
    To do so really is a beautiful thing

    Again ….There is nothing illegal or unlawful in the Private Owner’s Claim of Right for Electrical Code Compliance Notices.

    Once people have completed Phase-one and Phase-two Notices, the burden of proof shifts squarely onto BC Hydro and the Crown/Government to prove they have a LAWFUL CLAIM OF RIGHT to install a dangerous wireless device on private homes without consent. The Private Owner’s don’t have to prove a thing.

  7. If the government tells me it is good,I am very suspicious.
    As I have said before,someone is going to make a lot of money,manufacturing the meters,distributing the meters,and installing the meters.
    Too many in government have a vested interest and I for one will not help to line anyone’s pocket.

  8. I am particularly angry about the evidence from EON. Especially, after having received a letter from them last year assuring me that I would not be forced to have a smart meter.

    Compare this with their stated desire to make sure no customers are excluded from having smart meters.

    15. It is important that the benefits of smart metering are
    extended to all customers as soon as possible and that no
    customers are excluded. It is therefore important that the
    government procurement of the Wide Area Network for
    communications delivers a near to 100% coverage to ensure as
    many customers as possible will be able to receive the full
    potential of smart meters.

    • Hi, Margaret:
      The following rewrite (blow) of EON’s corporate-babble is an attempt to reintroduce transparency into EON’s far less than candid hidden agenda.
      Hidden persuasion aside, this hype you posted from EON is certainly pathologically misrepresentative.
      Clearly EON’s operating procedure is no different than that of every single utility in on this massively profitable private game.
      They seriously underestimate the intelligence of recipients of this hyped, confabulated, duplicitous, double meaning message.
      What they are ACTUALLY talking about is the best methods for THEM to use to reach the goal of heel clicking, straight arm saluting, absolute grid conformity – for private profit.
      What they THINK they have failed to make evident in the stew of babble they issue is their real intention, which is to use against an and all resistance as much not so subtle extortion, intimidation and coercion as possible, legal or not.
      Corralling everyone inside one universal remotely controlled grid system is not, – I repeat, NOT – about the provision of energy to “customers at all.
      It IS about putting in place the means to implement an ascending price structure with no ceiling while charging an ever higher figure per kilowatt, with no limits in sight. At the same time it IS about energy rationing of all electricity, gas and water usage, by means of a system capable of remote shut off if you fail to pay bills eventually too high to pay.
      All of this serves many purposes, not least of which is a way to charge you for a meter they own which is a money maker way to save transmission line maintenance costs for upkeep of the actual electrical transmission system itself.
      The smart grid electronically piggy backs onto the existing old and ageing transmission system.
      The smart grid ponzi scheme is a born again Enron energy game capable of orchestrated black outs, extortion costs, and worse.
      All those in on the scheme pretend this is about “modernization” for customer benefit, that smart devices will be the same thing as a beneficial “upgrade”.
      Smart for whom?
      Beneficial to whom?
      Why is it necessary to use coercion and force if this technocratic global control of energy is so wonderful?
      In reality the smart grid, while highly profitable short term to those deploying it, is also about planned obsolescence and turnover of rapidly aged corroded devices.
      “Smart” means the grid is a silk purse wrapped around a sow’s ear.
      The microwave leakage of the actual electrical power lines will be immeasurably high, everywhere that people live, walk and drive.
      In order to achieve this, it is necessary to pretend there is a legal mandate to upgrade, when in fact there is none, and to apply psychologically force to reluctant meter resisters to achieve a state of unwilling 100% compliance.
      With the translation below, perhaps EON’s words will appear more in keeping with the harsh truth of the global grid agenda, the necessity – BY ANY MEANS – to deploy (military language), without regard for irrefutable proof that this is a life suffocating microwave blanket, the end of all loss of signal, spread over the global ecosystem and every living thing in it, with callous disregard for ensuing slow motion reckless endangerment of the webs of life, and with pathological indifference to the inescapable bioelectrical decline of every biological entity everywhere, all of which will be unavoidably electrically induced by the continuous attenuation coefficient of all combined and newly generated frequencies emitted by the global smart grid.
      All they care about is getting this nail in the global coffin hammered in whether you like it or not, by means forced acceptance of the smart grid end device, the s/meter.
      That home device comprises the foundation stone which they intend by hook and by crook to couple to you, your family, your pets, your house, your circuit panel and your wiring. It is also a total violation of common law and contractual law, since the purpose is to convert the structure you call your home into
      a) a third party corporate based host site which functions on behalf of the corporate utility to use your unshielded wiring for their own gain
      b) a microwave oven set on low which non medically continuously radiates, stimulates and heats body tissue at low yet lethal frequencies, which is against all international law.

      Here is the rewrite:

      “15. It is important that the benefits TO THE CORPORATE UTILITY of smart metering are
      extended to all customers BY ANY AND ALL MEANS as soon as possible LEST ANYONE FIGURE OUT THAT IT IS LAWFULLY POSSIBLE TO ESCAPE THE GRID DRIFT NET and that no
      It is therefore important that the

  9. After hearing a discussion on radio 4 about the aurora borealis (which is apparently created by the effect of the Earth’s natural EMR on gases), I searched online for info regarding a possible relationship between climate change, greenhouse gases and anthropogenic EMR – it exists…