Victoria, Australia Stop Smart Meter Information Leaflet


While we are preparing our own leaflet for people to share with their neighbours/friends/realtives/colleagues this is an excellent leaflet produced by Stop Smart Meters Australia where Smart Meter installation is in full swing.

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  1. Ihave written to the Energy and Resources Minister – Nicholas Kotsiras about being harrassed by my distributor SP Ausnet and received this response today….” A distributor is given the right to enter land in certain circumstances under section 93 of the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic ) The Essential services Commission’s Electricity Distribution Code Version 5 also summarises the rights , entitlements and obligations of electricity distributors and customers , including access to land …” So I ask you in a court of Law who has the supreme right the customer with the NO TRESSPASSING sign or the distributor ? It a merry go round …it seems to me.